Don't watch me frigg'in Piss!!!!

Have you given any thought to locking the bathroom door? If you don’t like people watching, enter the room, check for prying eyes, lock the door, and whiz away!

Believe me, your grandmother only has to walk in on you ONCE before a locked door becomes second nature.

[hijack]Just a little note to the guy in the restaurant bathroom… if you’re taking a leak in a stall, close the friggin door, m’kay? A little decorum is appreciated[/hijack]

If you can’t piss with a cat looking at you, I can only say that you have issues…

:wally (note the sarcasm)

But you must admit, that is a bit strange.

This is just from my experience but quite a number of people have problems pissing while being watched. When I was in the Air Force, we got tagged for random uranalisis (sp?). By AF regs, the monitor had to actually see it come out and go in the cup. Tallk about freezin’ the faucet. Most people had to sit there drinking water, coke, or coffee for awhile, give it a try, fail, then start over. Damn few were able to just walk in, grab a cup and pee.

Even fewer, though, threw cats. :smiley:

My cat tried that once, I didn’t react fast enough and did piss on him, and he hasn’t done it since. He still always follows me into the bathroom, though.

next time that happens, just piss on the cat :slight_smile:

hmmm…they didn’t have to watch us in the Marines, although there was someone in the same room. Be that as it may, most people couldn’t piss because someone was watching but because most people can’t “pee on command.” Most of them had no problem pissing in urinals in non-test conditions even if others were in the same room.

I guess I could sympathize if the OP said his mother-in-law were watching, or even his father-in-law. But a stupid cat that can’t even think, let alone make fun of the person they were supposedly watching? This makes me think someone has some issues that need therapy, and goes far beyond abusing cats.

I wonder why so many people in this thread are quick to assume that the shy pisser hurled the cat in a manner that would’ve hurt it. Having had a lot of cats, I’ve found that ‘throwing the cat out the door’ sounded a lot damn worse than it is. You pick kitty up, you go to drop 'em on their feet a small ways away from where you don’t want to be, they wiggle and squirm and all of a sudden they’ve added a spring loaded jump to it and are gone 10 feet from a ‘get outa here’.

They land on their feet without so much as a meow and trot off to go do whatever-the-hell and they’re very not injured by it. This method applies when kitty is on the table, the kitchen counter, or anywhere else he’s not allowed to be. He gets picked up and moved, and he’s none too happy about being picked up, so he attempts to hit the ground ASAP. Which could lead to someone thinking I deliberately dropped him off a 5’ ledge, instead of what actually happens: cat jumped out of hands.

So yeah, I think any assumption that this is animal abuse is at this point unwarranted. Nobody here saw the amount of force used in ejecting the unwanted cat from the bathroom.

I was going to say just what catsix said, so I’ll make do with offering moral support.

My cats routinely jump off ten foot walls. I don’t think that being launched a few feet slightly quicker than they would otherwise jump is going to cause any ill-effects. At catsix said, it is inevitably their doing anyway.

Cats are agile little fuckers. I see nothing in the OP or since to indicate any mistreatment whatsoever.

And I think that some of you need to lay off on the unable-to-pee front too. Therapy? What the hell issues do you have that you suggest therapy as a solution? Good god.

There was a study performed once in which men were timed how long they spent in the public toilet given: (a) they are alone; and (b) if someone enters the room while they are there. They found that on average men spent an extra minute if somebody else comes in. This is obviously not a unique problem.


Don’t throw cats down stairs. It isn’t nice. Cat leaping out of hands is another thing entirely.

And if you have such terrible inability to piss issues, get a fucking catheter. Or get the fuck over it. Either will do.

To be honest with you, this is an actual social phobia… It is called Shy Bladder Syndrome, or more scientifically known as paruresis.

I have a couple of male friends who feel as strong, one even stronger than you, about this. He can’t even go in public, in a stall, if anyone is even near the toilets.

For more information why not check out

As for the cat… Well I’ve chucked my MIL’s cat out the door a few times myself and she just gave me the look then trotted off as if she couldn’t be bothered. If it wasn’t malicious that’s fine - just getting the darn thing out of the way.

Wishing you luck in overcoming your shyness.

My guinea pigs used to watch me have sex and whack off. Does that count? :wink:

(They’re both dead now… not because they would watch me… but oh dear, the things those piggies saw… and inhaled second hand… no, really, when I’d have heavy pot smoking sessions, they’d totally mellow out along with me…)

  • s.e.

I don’t think you get it. It’s perfectly reasonable that Phlosphr picked up furball with the inention of moving him gently but firmly out of the bathroom, and that motion combined with furball’s natural tendency to spring load his legs when being ‘placed’ somewhere lead to a flying leap that involved him landing somewhere on the stairs.

‘Grabbing by the scruff’ lets the cat know that you mean business, and apparently doesn’t harm cats or veterinarians wouldn’t use that practice. Seriously folks, I doubt that what Phlosphr did was at all worse than what the vet does when he/she manhandles a disagreeable cat in the doctor’s office.

Now if he had said: “I wailed that fucker off the wall and made him howl.” I’d see a problem. But I think this was most likely nothing other than “Get out of here, fluffy.”

I had a cat who used to routinely jump from heights of 10 to 15 feet, or fall off of various ‘hiding spots’ at that height. The most he got out of it was an odd look of embarassment.

As for the peeing thing, it’s not as rare as people think. Many people like their private time when dumping output, and I think it’s kind of rediculous to suggest that someone get therapy because he doesn’t piss in front of other people or when a pair of eyes are staring at his system unit. So he likes to be alone when pissing. BIG DEAL.

catsix, the throwing of the cat is not the issue, IMO. The throwing of the cat in anger is at issue, as is the anger itself, and the fact that it wasn’t his damn cat.

I don’t care if the cat is injured or not, being that pissed off at it for watching you in the bathroom is just a bit much.

This is the quote in question andros:

Now tell me where in that it shows that Phlosphr acted in anger. Irritation, possibly. Which is the state of any cat owner that finds the cat where it should not be. But we’re hardly talking violent reaction here. He even says “nothing bad”!


Having had cats my entire life, none of what he said sounded even remotely like anger.

It sounded a lot like a very mild mannered ‘Go away, cat’.

I think you read way too much into what he said, and ignored his own statement that he did ‘nothing bad’ to the cat, which tells me he used the ‘firm reminder that feline should vacate the area’ method.

I don’t see the problem.

Throwing the cat down the stairs, even though said cat was okay, is a definite no-no.

I think everyone is missing the key issue here.

Whether someone is watching you or not, it is quite impossible to frig 'n piss at the same time.

It doesn’t work. Trust me. You only have one urethra.

Carry on.

:shrug: Okeedoke. pan and catsix, y’all don’t see anger in the OP. I do.

I’m over it.

[sub](Oh, and Maegs, you missed th epoint. It’s not “frig and piss,” it’s “frig in piss.” Which IMO is just way more disgusting.)[/sub]

Well, there is cinematic precedent for that. As I believe the line goes from the film Se7en:

My emphasis.

It’s probably a good thing that he moved the cat outside the bathroom since the cat might’ve thought he was being shown a new toy, and then jumped up to grab it…claws and all.

[Cartman]No, kitty! It’s mine! Bad kitty![/Cartman][