Don't you hate...

…drivers, just ahead of you, who don’t signal for a left turn until the light turns green, so you have to wait through another traffic-light cycle before proceeding!
…someone you talk to who shouts you down to interrupt, or says “you don’t know a damn thing” or the substance thereof!
…jerks who log onto a chat line just to post an ad–usually for cyberporn, then log off!

Brithael borrowed Dad’s car…

Brithael must, somehow, make his inane points…

Brithael needs to make friends some way. Any way…

ChiefScott– you are making wonder, sugar… you seem to hate that little turd more than I do… it’s not YOUR alter-on-line-ego, is it? Inquiring minds want to know!

As to the topic of this thread: I’ve said it before but I hate it so much it bears repeating. I HATE those boom-box cars from hell! I don’t WANT to hear your rap “music” and believe me, I use the word “music” lightly. As someone famous once said, “Who ever told you that rap was music is either tone deaf or one of Jerry’s fucking kids!”

I’ve longed for a device that I can just point at their car and blow the entire stereo system up! If you have one or know how to make one let me know!

Stinger missiles. Your tax dollars hard at work.

Hold on… I just got that snub!!

You think I am Brithael?

Here’s a couple of points to deny that slanderous statement:

  1. I can use a shift key (UP, down, UP, down…)
  2. I’m not afraid to make a point and at a minimum be coherent.
  3. I do not have an active D&D character.
  4. I am an unabashed flirt. With girls…
  5. I don’t bite/blow/suck (unless asked to by Girlbysea)

Now I demand you retract that ugly statement.

And in closing:

Barnacles are to ships as Brithael is to my ass.

Who is Girlbysea? Hrumph!
(stomps foot, and pouts adorably)

Whoa tiger, come back! I was (drum roll please) JUST KIDDING!

Actually, I think that Kryptonite and Brithael are one in the same… we shouldn’t be posting this to this thread though… how about a new one called “Name that Shame” and everyone could guess who these two little fart-knockers really are?

Girlbysea=ChiefScott’s main squeeze
Girlfriend for a month!
She let’s me watch golf, and doesn’t bitch!
Loves my cooking and does the dishes!
The beach is hers, the mall’s mine!
Understands a sailor’s work schedule!
Found out today she’s jealous of kellibelli!

'Nuff said?

"Nuff of that said! I wish you guys would set up your own thread for “Brithael” or whatever and save this one for things you despise! Like I said! Duhhh…

Gee, snot face, perhaps I should start one called why dougie_monty is a big baby.

I did post to the topic of your thread and even said we shouldn’t be discussing that other stuff here. Even though Brithael is one of the things people hate! Christ in a side car!

Okay, another thing I hate is whiners. Big fat baby whiners who loose control of their thread and don’t know how to get it back. Here, let me help; I hate you! See, wasn’t that easy?

Now, you can come out, hate me back and we’ll all feel that cozy glow of hate! Happy? Good, me either!

Oh shit! I wasn’t going to post that, I hit the wrong fucking button! It dawned on me about half way through my diatribe that you might not have been talking to ME.

Crap! Oh well, I guess I can fight with you too. I seem to be doing too much of that lately. You know what I really hate? When I get all bent over a big load of nothing!

I apologize dougie_monty in the future I’ll read twice and post once.


Okay, things I hate besides PEOPLE WHO CAN’T STICK TO THE FUCKING SUBJECT :slight_smile: are :

Those guys at the movie theater who go “ohhh shit” whenever anything intetesting happens and “whoooaaah” at anything sex-related.

People who can’t say anything without adding “you know” seven times per sentence.

The phrase “Lead, follow, or get out of the way”. I’m not much of a leader, not much of a follower, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna get out of the way!

The fact that the word “wrack” has almost completely vanished from the English language, to be replaced by “rack”. Has anyone else noticed this? You used to be “wracked with pain”, now you’re “racked with pain”.

And finally, people who write “they’re” instead of “their” or “there”, and people who write “your” instead of “you’re”, to say nothing of people who write “to” instead of “too” and “loose” instead of “lose”.

Well, there are a lot more things that I hate, but that should hold me for the time being.

How about those drivers that pull in front of you at the last minute and go 10 MPH under the limit…esp. when there’s no one behind you.

Another car pet peeve is when another car is in the next lane beside me matching my speed. What, ya want a show?

And neuro-trash…if spelling errors get your panties in a wad, then ignore my posts. I KNOW I screw up my spelling. I was gonna troll ya for a bit longer, but I get the feeling Byz has a couple of things to say to you. < Gets the hell out of the way. >

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

…drivers who change lanes in front of you, at slow speed, without signaling; or making turnouts without signaling. (In CA, the Vehicle Code requires a signal for 100 feet ahead of your turn if it would affect another driver.)

“If you drive an automobile, please drive carefully–because I walk in my sleep.”–Victor Borge

Quote: …drivers who change lanes in front of you, at slow speed, without signaling; or making turnouts without signaling. (In CA, the Vehicle Code requires a signal for 100 feet ahead of your turn if it would affect another driver.)
I can find it in my heart to forgive someone who forgets to signal a turn. It’s the idiots who signal their turn after stepping on their brakes to make the turn that get to me. To paraphrase Carlin: what the hell are you doing? Signalling where you’ve been?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

how 'bout…you’re waiting to pull into traffic and waiting for a car to pass, the car goes slower, and slower and SLOWER. THEN the driver signals his turn when he’s right at the corner, and you could’ve pulled out about an hour earlier if you’d known he was gonna get out of your way. Signal, people. No extra charge! They come free with the car!

On signaling: I really wish people would signal when they are changing lanes!!! Today some asshole in a truck just started to merge into my lane without signaling. Drives me nuts!

Or, people who are merging into traffic from an onramp. They always slow down and don’t pick up their speed.

Folks, if you are getting onto the highway, speed up and get within the speedlimit. I am patient on the highway, and slow down when someone’s coming onto the highway, and i can see i might not be able to pass them. But it’s the people who match my speed and nearly run into the side of my car that drives me crazy!

I get irked when kids start picking flowers from other peoples yards (I don’t yell at them but i tell them to stop). Me and my brothers, and all of my peers were taught to not pick the flowers from other peoples yards. Yet i see countless elementary to junior high kids picking the roses off of my neighbors rose bushes.

I try not to hate much, but the signalling thing really just irritates the crap out if me. Use them, please Goddess, use them. If yours are broken, stick your arm out the window. I learned hand signals in high school driver’s ed. I know you did too.

You know what else annoys me? Not being able to reach my shoes to tie them anymore. I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant. This is my third pregnancy. Like the other two, it’s been problem-free. I’m just about as sturdy as I was before I got pregnant. But I can’t reach my feet. I can’t see my feet. Argh.

Cristi, maybe you can add this point, as an expecting mother:
Have you had people–like your parents or their friends–patronize you? (Of course, Icouldn’t know; my sister suffered some of this)
In another topic in this forum I mentioned creating fictitious characters…one is a tiny woman named Louise Brown. She was 8 months pregnant and her mother’s friends said things like, “That poor girl…look what that man did to her!” (Really!)
Louise was nearly in tears when she said, “Mother, I’m not a poor little girl! I’m a grown woman! And the man who did this to me is my husband!” And it was her husband Stan who comforted her.
You may have heard about the urban legend (in Brunvand’s book Curses! Broiled Again!) about an expectant woman who was detained in a department store by a thick-headed security guard who concluded that the bulge under her clothes was stolen merchandise!! Things like that must make the average pregnant woman want to chew nails!! :frowning:

I hate when they interrupt a program to make a special bulletin,which isn’t that amazing,then the announcer keeps talking,saying things twice,just to make SURE you miss your program!