Dopefest at Persephone's House: The Official Thread

Okay, here it is!

This will be the official information thread for the Summer Doperpalooza at Persephone’s House.

Date: August 12, 2000
Time: 5:00 pm-ish.
Place: Persephone’s House, Flint, MI
Informational Email Address:

This will be a barbecue, with picnic-type food & drinks. I’ll be providing pretty much everything, so if you have a particular preference for something, let me know!

However, since this is Michigan, and we are the Pot Luck Capitol of the World, if anyone would like to bring a dish to pass, that would be great. Absolutely not a requirement, though! I’d much rather have you here than your food.

xploder will be providing a very large (4 room, I believe) tent, for any Dopers who wish to crash here. You are also welcome to sleep on my floor. You’ll have to bring your own sleeping gear, though, but I will be more than happy to provide breakfast for anyone who sleeps here.

Email me if you will be attending (I have already heard from a couple of you), and just let me know how many you will be bringing (SO’s and kids are quite welcome here!), and if there’s anything special you’d like to eat/drink/bring along.

Special Note: If you play a musical instrument, you are hereby cordially invited to bring it along! If you play an electric instrument, though, and you want to play plugged in, and you have a smaller practice amp, that would be a little better. Mostly for space considerations. Oh yeah–we don’t need drums, either! Nothing against them–we just don’t have the space to set up a kit. Got a machine, though, so any jammers will have a rhythm section!

Barring something incredibly unforeseen, I’m there, Cristi.

Just me.

(Could you perhaps email me your address, which exit off I-75 I should take, etc.?)

Oh yeah–I just emailed Euty & asked him to lock the other two threads. Don’t need three of 'em.

Milo: I’ll get that info to ya as ASAP. From 75, it’s not difficult. I live fairly close to the expressway, so it’s not really tough no matter which direction you’re coming from. :slight_smile:

Me and Beth will definitely be there. I don’t know about the kids yet. I’ll also bring a couple of small practice amps with my guitars.

AND, since it IS potluck, I’ll make some of my homemade rice with chicken. MMMMMMMM…good stuff…

see ya

Bill and Beth

Givin’ this a bump!

So far confirmed attendees, in alphabetical order:

People who have expressed an interest, but haven’t confirmed or denied:

Keep me posted, folks! :smiley:

I’m there, email me you address, I’ll be coming from the Palace area off of I-75 (I work at ABB, off of Brown road), and I might be early, if it is no problem. I don’t know what time I’ll be getting off of work.


Yay! One more! Woohoo!

Seems like everybody that’s coming is coming from 75. This is a good thing. Makes directions easier. I’ll have them to you in a few days.

I emailed Baglady a few days ago, and just heard back from her (I forgot that she & Obfusciatrist had some plans…:)).
I’m getting some of her custom :wally: buttons for this shindig. From her description of them, they sound quite cool!

Updated confirmed list:

I like 2 inch fillet mignions(sp?). Just joking

I sing, but not very good!

No problemo, pipefitter!

I mean the singing–not the filet mignon. :slight_smile:

I’m trying! Hopefully I’ll get the offer tomorrow, and all will be well. If not…sigh we’ll see.

And I sing too!

:::crossing fingers, toes & eyeballs in hopes that Falc can make it, and of course, that all goes well with the job offer…:::

Just a bump so’s y’all don’t fergit about me…:slight_smile:

OK. Here’s hoping I don’t have to work. Put me down for my first appearance at a Doper event. I’ll e-mail for an address. I shouldn’t need directions. My brother went to GMI so I have a pretty good mental map of the Flint/Flushing area.

::crossing fingers & thinking “gosh, I hope they like me”::

big bump up to pg 1

Cranky writes note to self: Buy push-up bra before party. Get makeover. Brush up on witticisms. And for god’s SAKE don’t forget your false teeth and peg leg!

Cranky: What size bra do you wear? I have two Wonderbras–you can borrow one if you’d like. :smiley:

Yay little*bit! Woohoo!

Okay, here’s an updated list of attendees, not in alphabetical order, just in the order I am remembering them:

Possibles that I’ve heard from, and might be able to make it, but don’t know yet:
Shirley Ujest

I heard from Baglady today as well–our :wally: buttons are done & in the mail! She’s quick! Don’t let me forget to pay her!

I will be sending out a mass email tonight, with directions to my house. Everyone I’ve heard from so far knows how to get to Flint, so I’ll be sending directions from the expressway. I believe everyone told me that they’d be coming from I-75, both north and south. So I’ll be sending directions from there. It’s not tough, really. If you’re coming from some other way, please let me know!

I hope everyone received & understood their directions!

Heard from Falc, and she can’t make it. But she’s got darn good reason! Really.

Thanks Persephone. I was HOPING you’d think it was a good reason. :wink:

I received the :wally: buttons in the mail today, from Baglady. They are cool! You guys will love 'em!

I also heard from BunnyGirl, and she may be able to attend! Yay! I hope she can. I met her in Ann Arbor, and she is sooooooooo nice!

Keep in touch with me, folks! Anyone have any food requests or drink ideas? I live to serve!

Well, bringing homemade chicken and rice is out, so, as Cristi knows, I’ll be bringing a huge bunch of beef country ribs (boneless and HUGE) so I hope everyone gets hungry!

Here’s the menu thus far:

Hot Dogs

I think Shadowfox is bringing a salad of some sort (I am having a minor bout of amnesia, so I can’t remember if it’s potato or macaroni), and another non-Doper friend who will be attending is bringing Jello.

Now, the party is one week from today. Tell me what you want. Honestly, I’ve never done this sort of thing before. I need your help! I am willing to make or buy darn near anything you guys want. I am your slave!