Michigan Summer Dopefest

I know it’s early, but us poorer and pressed-for-time folk need to plan ahead!

It’ll be at xploder’s house here in Flint, MI. He’s got a healthy sized backyard, and a healthy sized tent for sleeping and/or kid storage (kids & SO’s are indeed welcome at this event). It’ll be a barbecue. He’s an extraordinary griller!

We’re tossing around some dates here. Let us know what you think!

June 23rd & 24th
June 30th & July 1st
July 7th & 8th

All of those dates happen to be very close to my birthday, and xploder’s as well. Mine’s July 2nd, and xploder’s is at the end of June (the exact date is escaping me right now). FWIW, xploder will be hitting the big 4-0 this year. :smiley:

I don’t think there’s any huge events going on in Flint at that time of year, so hotels shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who’d like to come in from out-of-town. I also have floor/couch space, and I’m more than happy to taxi anyone!

Any feedback?

Hard to have a particular preference now, but I should be able to attend. (Yay me :smiley: )

I’d probably prefer the June 23-24, because the closer you get to Fourth of July weekend, the more chance something else might be going on for me (and others).

I’d love to come, Persephone. I should be back from Germany on July 7th, so I’ll cast a vote for that date.

I’ve been reading your latest posts about your nudist daughter - too cute! :slight_smile:

Milo: That’s why there’s several dates up for discussion, and I think maybe even those dates are flexible. Hell, it’s still January! I certainly hope you can make it. BabyGuy liked you! :smiley:

tsarina: I hope you can make it too! Meeting you guys at the Ann Arbor Fest was a heck of a lot of fun, but trust me–it’s even MORE fun when you don’t have to behave in public. And since it’s at xploder’s house, you can get naked like my kid and he won’t care. :smiley:

If I’m in Flint, I’ll try to show. (There is still some question as to my residence this summer)

I should be able to be there pretty much any of those days. There may be a convention I’ll want to attend that last weekend, but I’ll have to check on the date for sure. Don’t worry though, I will be there somehow.

(And, yes, those pictures from SnowDope will be up shortly; I still have to take the roll to Meijer and get them developed.)


My family is going to be camping up North from the weekend of June 29-30 until at least the weekend of July 7-8, so the weekend of June 23-24 or the weekend of July 13-14 are doable for me. Of course, if it is more convenient for everybody else to have it on the 29-30 or 7-8, then go ahead and plan without me.

Well, I was NOT gonna postto it this quick, BUTT!!! <yesm that WAS intentional> I have also, <on my own> invited, Canadiansue and hamadryad, and the invite goes out now to Falcon also…Wouldn’t seem right otherwise…

::creeping into uncharted territory::

I-I-I-I miiight beee interested-ed in attending. June 23-24 so-sounds good.

::running away in terror::

Don’t be afraid, Wolverine!

…come in to the light…mwahahahahaha…

No, really! Newbies are extremely welcome at these events. Covered in pitch and lit on fire, newbies make excellent torches! :smiley:

HA! Just kidding again. Really! We like newbies. They always buy when we run out of beer.

Wait! Wolverine, where ya goin’, man? I was just funnin’ you! Really! We don’t light newbies on fire, or make them buy the beer. I was kidding!

Now, I certainly hope you’ll be able to look past these little jokes and attend our tete-a-tete. They’re fun. You’ll have a great time.

[sub]…until we run out of chicken and you find out what we really do to newbies…:D[/sub]

For those who attended LAST year, I’m-a gonna make George again (gin,rum,vodka,secret other ingredients> so if anybody decides they DON’T want to tdrive afterwards, I have a couch and love seat as well as a tent.

AND, if we can shove all of my yard apes in the tent thats three MORE beds…

FWIW, my anniversary is June 20th and B-day is 26th which is why we picked those particular dates but we’re ALWAYS flexable.


p.s. I will also need menu suggestions. Last year we had mainly chicken and things and this year I also want to include ribs and possibly some small steaks…

One more thing I forgot…Wolverine, ignore Persephone, we would only use newbies as torches if MY torches run out of fuel :smiley:


I can probably make it any of those weekends.

“Soylent green is made from newbies!”

It’s a possibility…if my band isn’t on tour then.

idiotboy, assuming I’m back in Ohio by then, you wanna carpool?

thinksnow, absolutely! Altho, I probly won’t be able to stay overnight…

“back”? What do you mean “back” in Ohio? Where have you been?


Assuming finances are okay (ha!), I have a place to crash, and between now and then I learn where Flint is, I just might come. I like you Michigan dopers lots.

maybe, keep me posted, please (while I keep saying I’m from Lansing, and consider myself to be, I actually live off of I-69 near Perry, which isn’t too far from Flint)

Forget the riviera! Sign me up for weekend in Flint! :slight_smile:

Just kidding! Don’t hit! Don’t hit!

As long as the internship hunt doesn’t end with my spending the summer in foreign and dangerous climes, count me in. Just so long as there’s no snow this time.

Juniper, there shouldn’t be any snow by then. But this is Michigan. Ya just never know. :smiley: Oh, and the weekend in Flint should count for something, credit-wise. Heh.

magdalene: Hold your right hand up, palm facing you. Flint is at the base of your thumb. [sub]yes, I’ve lived here all my life. How can you tell?[/sub]

You can crash at my place, xploder’s place, or a motel if you like. Of course, my place is free, and so is xploder’s. But there’s children at both places. xploder’s are older and more well-behaved than mine, though.

idiotboy: Your band? Oooh! Do tell! Are you like, famous & stuff? :smiley: