Summer Dopefest at Persephone's House Update: IMPORTANT! Please Read!

Okay, here’s the deal:

I still plan on having this party, but I need to know ASAP if any Dopers that plan on attending will need rooms. As of this afternoon, there’s only ONE motel with rooms available, and that’s the Super8 on Miller Rd, which is just a few miles from my house. The rooms are going at $79 a night (as I mentioned in the original thread about this party, that weekend is the Buick Open, and Tiger Woods is coming to town–they’ve sold 20,000 more tickets this year than they did last year).

There are a few options here. I can book some rooms, and you can call & make your reservations. OR, you can crash at my place. It’s not big, but there’s plenty of floor, and I’d be happy to serve you breakfast. Another Flint Doper, xploder, has graciously offered the use of his mondo-huge tent to sleep in as well.

One more option is to change the date of the party. I had planned on August 12th, but I could change it to August 26th. One catch with that date–there’s another huge Flint event, the Bobby Crim race, on the 26th. But if I book them now, I have a better chance of getting rooms. Or I could always do this in September.

Let me know, either here, or you can email me at

See ya…here! :smiley:

I’ll be happy to take a spot in xploder’s tent for the night, if that’s all right …

No problemo, Milo! :slight_smile:

Hey, everyone, also let me know if you’ll be bringing SO’s & kids. Just so’s I can get a head count. They are indeed welcome.

Oh, but if you’re going to bring children, please be sure to marinate them before you get here. That way, we can just throw them right on the grill as soon as you walk in. :smiley:

Pardon my MI-gnorance…

What exactly is the “Bobby Crim race?”

all these dopefests happen at the same time!!!

We’re having DubDope2 at about that time, so we’ll be there in Spirit.
sorry, I mean, Spirits. Buy a Bottle of PAddy Irish whiskey and have a drink to us, and we can split a beverage of your choice!

Chief: You’re not ignorant, you’re just not from around these parts! The Crim is for runners. They put on their sneakers, pin numbers to their chests, and run through Flint. Can’t remember whn it started, but I think it was sometime during the late 70’s-early 80’s, when everybody was running. It’s still a pretty huge event here. There’s even a 1k event for kids, called the Teddy Bear Walk. They’re so cuuuuuute.

Milo: Hey, if I ask you really, really nice, could I talk you in to bringing some pasties to this thing? I love pasties. Can’t get 'em here. Well, you can, actually, but not the Up North kind. :smiley:

John: We shall drink to you too! I will be keeping the computer ON here, so we can start a running drunken-Doper-party thread. Be sure to check, if you get the chance!

The 12th it is then. I’ll be bringing Mrs Xploder and possibly the three kids (11,12,14) as well as my guitars and a four room tent. Hey Cristi…gimme a call as my email is not working again :frowning: if ya need anything else, I probably have it (coolers, gas grill, etc.)

xploder, I can’t call you. I just checked, and I don’t have your phone number. You may call me, though, if you like. I’m at home right now, but I’ll be at work later on, probably around noon. You can call Flint City Hall Customer Service, and ask for Cristi in water billing. Or you can call me at home. I’m listed!

I’m definitely coming to the party. As to who else in the family is coming with me is uncertain at this time. My two oldest kids may be spending that weekend with their grandmother, and my hubby says he is not sure if he is going to come with me or not. If the hubby decides not to come with me, I’m sure that he will want me to bring at least one or possibly both of the younger ones.

Uh huh…and what do I look under? Cristi Tragedy-James???

Damn! Damn! DAMN!!! The first dopefest I am actually close enough to attend, and we have a family wedding to go to that day!


Yeeeeehaw! I’ll probably come, and drive home.

Of course, this means I’ll have the shave my legs and spread 'em for the husband to bribe him to watch our little terror for the evening, but hey, in the name of Doper fellowship, I’LL DO IT!

I may be coming for this…(what a surprise, Falcon drives somewhere insane for a Dopefest.)

It depends on how my job situation goes. If I get a new job, and can consequently tell my current one to go to hell, I’ll take the time off and drive on up.

Come and stay for a week, Falcon, I’ll pay $17 an hour for you to help me with my gddmn dissertation.

If only I had an extra bedroom.

FALCON??? Maybe coming to MY HOUSE?!?!?!

Oh man, this TOTALLY rules! WOOHOO!

I have already had the pleasure of meeting the great Falcon, in Chicago. I’m telling you folks, if she can make it, and you get to meet her, you are in for a real treat. She’s awesome!

KimKatt: This is shaping up to be a sleep-over. Come up after the wedding! :wink:

Okay, I will be setting up a Hotmail account, so’s that everyone can keep in touch with me. I’ll let you know the address shortly. Info I’ll need from you:

a)how many people you’ll be bringing
7)if you need directions from your city, or if you know how to get to Flint, and just need directions to my house
alpha)if you’ll be needing a room, or want to crash at my place
IV)any special dietary instructions
cinco)drink preferences
F)if you live close enough, and would be interested in bringing a dish to pass. This is totally optional, and not necessary. But the idea of a Doper Pot Luck sounds kinda cool, in a freaky sort of way, don’t you think?

See you soon!

Okay, the email address is!

Keep me posted, folks! I can’t wait to see you!

Sleep-over? SLEEP-OVER???

Me and Mrs X will BE THERE!!!
heh heh
forget the kids…they can stay with my brother or something…

Persephone, I’ve got to ask: What in the heck are pasties? I’ve seen them mentioned on the boards before, and curiosity has gotten the best of me… In my vocabulary, the only meaning attached to pasties is those little round things that stripper wear over their nipples… and I’m pretty sure that’s not what y’all are talking about…

Where the heck do you live? If I may ask so bluntly? I don’t even know what state you are in, so I dunno if I can make it or not.

This should help you, aenea.