Dopefest in the U.K., 13 September to 26 September?

I’m going to be in the U.K. in September. Are there going to be any Dopefests during that time? I’ll be available any time from the evening of September 13th to the evening of September 26th, except that I’m committed to being in Oxford from the afternoon of September 18th to the afternoon of September 21st. I will probably be in Birmingham the morning of the 13th and have to be at Heathrow on the 27th for my flight home.

Well “Londope” is this weekend but i’m certainly not averse to a gathering in September (I’m guessing it would probably end up being a small affair).

I’m sure we can put something together for you. I assume that you’ll be in London except for the commitments you mentioned?

I can be wherever it’s necessary to be as long as I can get there in a few hours on the train. I won’t have a car while I’m in the U.K. I know the geography already since I lived in the U.K. from 1987 to 1990.

There’s always a few UK types around.

Quite. I’m sure something can be arranged…

I should have guessed Angua would start sniffing around the moment you mentioned Birmingham!

[subtle hint]

There is a 15th century pub, the Bell Inn, which is located in the centre of Nottingham. It would be a mighty fine place to drink a few beers sometime in September.

I know TwistofFate regards the Guinness served there quite highly.

[/subtle hint]

Oi! That’s not very nice. But I could come down to London if needs be…

I know your ploy Garius, and I thwarted it by not being able to make the BeerFest :wink:

please - like i’d sink so low as to have a “ploy.”

I’m much more of a plotter, possibly even a schemer

Ooh. Well, in that case, I know of your evil schemes and plots. Your plans for world domination involving arsonist boy scouts, and all your other evil plans. :wink:

There’s always a few UK typos around.

Perhaps the Bell Inn on the evening of the 13th? Or would it be more convenient to do something in London? Hey, I wouldn’t mind doing two Dopefests.

Well, all bets are off with me doing anything before the 16th - midterm review deadlines and stuff like that…

[sub]Note to self: Have Angua killed[/sub]

But you’d miss me if you did that. I don’t mind keeping mum. For a price, of course.

Wendell: You would have more luck meeting Britdopers in London, but if you fancy popping up to Nottingham sometime during your time here then drop me an email.

I was hoping that there would be enough Straight Dopers for a Dopefest on the evening of the 13th in Nottingham, since it would be more convenient to go there first before going on to Oxford and London. But that doesn’t seem to look likely. Is anyone else interested in a Dopefest in September, probably somewhere between Oxford and London?

O.K., let me do the one bump that I’m allowed. Does anybody want to do a Dopefest in the U.K. sometime between the evening of the 13th of September and the evening of the 26th of September?

Yes. As long as its not the 13th, 14th, 15th or 16th September.