Dopefest Photos: Melbourne, Australia

Pics of the latest Aussie G’Dopefest are online right here.

I’m just the humble Sydney-resident HTML monkey, so I’ll let the actual Melburnians who attended be the ones to fill you in on the details. Ten to one on I’d bugger it up.

O.K, I love the pics. Now tell us the stories ! :smiley:

It’s great to see some faces; how about names to go with 'em?

Appears many beers were consumed (not a Fosters in the batch though) A mighty g’day indeed!

Okay, I’ll take a stab at it. Looking at the second photo 'cause we’re all in it (except for Mr.Cazzle) and no-one has their eyes closed.

Clockwise from the left:
Henry Spencer
Half of Cazzles head!

Max no, not a fosters in sight. I think a few Carlton Colds, maybe a Guiness or two and some white wine (oh, and oranges!).

Thanks tigergirl. I wasn’t about to admit I didn’t have a clue who some of you were! :slight_smile: I just received the photos as is, via email. I’ll put a caption or two up on the page.

oops! I meant the second photo from the end on the top row.

The top row no longer exists. I’ve got the pics in a column, and each now has a caption, so you actually know who the heck you’re looking at.

MelDopers, I haven’t met any of you, so let me know if I’ve got it wrong.

Someone went to a lot of effort with those name tags. Who did them?


A stamped addressed envelope will get you one.


Just checking in to confirm that a great (if subdued) afternoon was had by all. Most of that was thanks to the awesome organising skills of Redboss, who not only printed up the snazzy name tags and pop quiz, he gave me a lift home. And it wasn’t one of these ‘take you the quickest way there and get rid of you so I can go to sleep’ lifts home. NO! We saw parts of Melbourne I could only have dreamed about visiting ;). So a big thanks to ya Red, and to all the other folks who came from near and far.

Mental note: Invite Redboss to next SydDope.

Just don’t ask me to navigate anywhere.

I never would have gone if I knew then what I know now.

I was under the impression that pldennison had gone first to the Melbourne dopefest last year and then to Sydney. Not so. It was the other way around. And he hasn’t posted since.* What did this bunch do to him? Even in the bright daylight they are a scary coven of taciturn weirdos. Redboss has the look of a Czech assassin and he’s the least savage-looking of the pack. They have a pretty convincing cover act - very charming and friendly - but I’m not fooled. I know I’m lucky to be alive.

*This really did come up. Apparently he’s busy and hasn’t been knocked off at all. And just in case it’s required :wink:

I think Redboss has a fab moustache. And Henry Spencer is all kinds of cute.

I think it would be pretentious to use this as my sig, so instead, I think I’ll just print it up and distribute it to all my friends, and bookmark this thread and bump it every few days just for the heck of it ;).