Doperéal Digest!

Doperéal 2003 has gotten off to a fabulous start. Everyone arrived at the Pad of Evil® safe and sound, if not a bit late.

Dinner was lovely. It was (AFAIK) the first Dopefest experience Upside_Down_Amber, kung fu lola, and jools, and they are lovely ladies all. (Unforunately, the restaurant managers turned off the girl-on-girl action that started playing on the TV monitors, much to U_D_A and kfl’s chagrin.)

ladydisco and the (yummilicious) Mr-disco brought along two “d00d”-type friends. Sean and Shane? Something like that. :wink:

MsRobyn is a now convert to Quebec-style rotisserie BBQ chicken. In about an hour, she’ll be a convert to poutine.

We then went to Club Date for some rowdy karaoke. matt_mcl sang something like “For me for me formidable”… ladydisco sang a lovely rendition of “Daydream Believer” … and I, scott evil, did my ultimate Cher, singing “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.” Swarthy, indeed. :smiley: Zette would have been proud.

And of course, detop, Grand Marshall of Doperéal, oversaw all activities with wisdom and grace. :wink:

As I write this, MsRobyn, CuriousCanuck, and Daerlyn are lounging on an air mattress in the living room of Evil. We’re off to get some poutine and tour Old Montreal in a few minutes.

(You all really must come to Doperéal 2004!)

CuriousCanuck would like me to clarify that they’re cuddling on the air mattress, and that Dino, official Ottadope mascot, suffered a small injury. (One-legged Wonder Woman is fine, though.)

Daerlyn would like me to clarify that CC is being tortured, not cuddled. :rolleyes:

The Pad of Evil® is a huge mess.

Yes, we’re all having a grand time at the Pad of Evil®. Daerlyn and I have been reminding CC that a threesome is not all it’s cracked up to be. :wink: [sub]Note for those Dopers who happen to be Airman Doors: No actual sex took place.[/sub]

Last night’s dinner was marvelous. I’ve half a mind to write to the St. Hubert’s people and ask about franchise opportunities in Pennsylvania. Ditto for the Tutti Frutti people, and I’m sure that’ll be true for the poutine.

More later.


OK. I’m alive. And oddly satisfied. Those girls have talented hands. rawr!

The pictures are blackmail fodder for everyone.

scott evil is standing over my shoulder asking if I am mad at him. I guess he wanted his hands all over me too. It is so tough being me. :wink:

You know, if I left now, I could still get to Montreal in four hours, making it around 5:00 PM…hmm…I movedi nto my new room, and although now completly unpacked, it’s good enough…

bouv: do it, man! You can stay at the Pad of Evil®. Meet us at Reuben’s at 8:30… (address in other thread…)

We gotta go… we’re already late for lunch.

Hm… a mid-fest report, huh?

Well, I had a great time last night, and just got home from a friend’s wedding. So, I’m on my way back up to Montreal now!

:mad: sulking…should be at Doperéal



Had a lot of fun last night. I wish we could have stayed for the party afterwards. But alas work beckons. We cant wait for the get together tonight. See you there.

Amber and Lola

Itinerary change!

La Ronde looks so incredibly cool that we want to do as many rides as possible. However, there will be line-ups. So, we’ll be meeting at 10 AM at the puck at the top level of the Berri-UQAM metro Sunday morning.

Poutine was fantastic. MsRobyn was initiated to the joys of “coronary in a bowl.” This was followed by a visit to Notre-Dame Basilica, Old Montreal, and the Old Port.

Dinner at Reuben’s (the one near Peel) at 8:30!! We might hit a drag show at Chez Mado afterward.

See, you’re having all this fun, and I’m doing more mundane things like cleaning the house and taking care of Aaron.

You know what? It’s FUN being Mr. Mom. Robin, quit school and get a job. I’m staying home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh-huh. I’ll quit school on a cold day in hell. Besides, you get male-bonding time with Aaron. By the time I get home Monday night, he’ll be able to belch on command and make farting noises with his armpit. How’s the sprat doing, anyway?


He’s doing just fine. I took him outside for his first thunderstorm. He had a blast. :slight_smile:

After following the dramas/joys of the pregnancy and birth of Aaron, may I just say that reading this brought a huge smile to my face. He’s grown from fragile baby to ‘sprat’ in what seems like an eyeblink.

Well done Doorses.

It is amazing to realize that he’s gone from a wrinkled, purple prune who slept, ate and pooped all day to an actual human being who can do things for himself. Heck, he doesn’t even drink from a bottle anymore!

Okay, back to Dopereal.

Last night’s dinner was a lot of fun. The restaurant was very nice, the food was good, and there were some new people I got to meet, which is always good.

After dinner, scott evil and I walked back to the The Pad of Evil®, where I called home and where we hung out before we all passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Today, we’re off to La Ronde. Scott and I are going to ride the Dragon, which is an interior roller coaster. This should be a lot of fun. I’ve never been to a bilingual theme park before. :wink: (Well, there is Fiesta Texas, but that’s not quite the same.)


Oh, I see how it is. All the whining I hear about how you won’t ride roller coasters because you’re afraid to, and you go on one with Scott? You like him so much, why don’t you just stay there!



But really, I’m learning a lot just from the commentary here. Thanks for inviting her, Scott. It’s just giving me more ammo for when we go to Hersheypark. :slight_smile:

I was supposed to be there! damn it!

…{five minutes of profanities}…

I went outside on friday…only withstood 3 hours. You see, i have alergies for spring and all…but a simple alergy pill usualy is enough. But the humidity was such a weight on my system that it was as if i didn’t take any medecin! damn it…

i was snot -nosed,sneezing,watery-eyed all day friday, saturday and today…


Oh the heavens don’t give me a break when i need one!

[SIZE=1]{resume profanities}…[/SIZE=1]

I’m very jealous, sitting here at work reading this thread. Wish I was there…

Ok… so… uhm… I forgot.

See, I wandered back to New Brunswick for a little bit and landed back here on Wednesday and it was this morning around 3 when I remembered I was supposed to be someplace that night.

Sounds like it was a kick though, damn sorry i missed it!

For your information, wiseass, I didn’t ride the Vampire. It was too scary-looking, so detop and I watched and talked. The other rides were pretty tame. :stuck_out_tongue:

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon in the company of matt_mcl. We spent the time in line for La Pitune (the log-flume ride) quizzing each other on international capitals. Before that, Matt, detop, and Curious Canuck and I passed the time on the monorail quizzing each other on U.S. state and Canadian provincial capitals. Suffice it to say, I was pretty impressed.

More later, after I’ve eaten.