Dopers in Recovery -- what do you think?

Pat O’Brien, hard-hitting “entertainment” journalist, recently took a month or so off from his Insider hosting duties to do a stint in rehab.

Since his return, he’s been closing the show with “Keep coming back.” Every time he says it, I do a double-take, thinking, “I can’t freakin’ believe he’s using that as the sign-off of this cheesy show.”

Has anyone else noticed this? Is anyone else bothered by it?

I don’t watch the show but I do think that is a cheesy and cheap play on AA customs. AA never promotes itself or allows itself to be aligned with any commercial entity. For that reason, I think it is in bad taste.

Haven’t seen it, but would be bothered by it. I’d also keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and hear the rest of the line, “…it works if you work it.” That wouldn’t make any sense though.

What a shmuck.

Inkleberry- not in recovery herself, but lots of family & friends who are,

It’s not the AA way, and he probably knows it, yet he does it anyway.

Well, if he ever makes it to step nine, he’ll have to make amends to millions of us.

There’s a time and place for the slogans, and his time and place ain’t it.