Dopers with Simpsons related user names.

Okay, I’ve spotted Gangster Octopus, but are there any others treading the boards? No real purpose, just mere curiosity.

There’s Hail Ants, for one.

There is **Frostillicus **which is what Apu briefly renamed old Jasper when he was trapped in the freezer. You know the Freezer Geezer?

Yes, there are a few of us. A few from Futurama as well iirc. :slight_smile:

I forgot Troy McClure SF.

Here are some I’ve been able to dig up:

Homer J. Simpson
Homer J
evil homer
King Homer
Bart Simpson
Kent Brockman
Do What Now?
CM Burns
Montgomery Burns
Monty Burns
Lionel Hutz Esq
Jane D’oh!
J0hn@th@n D’oh
mmm… forbidden doughnut

How many actually are posters as opposed to short lived guests though?

Curious, as a Mod I take it you have access to the User List function, is that how you built your list?

Jubjub is my 2nd fave. (The previously mentioned Frostillicus is the best SRUN IMHO.)

Some of those weren’t short-lived, but aside from Troy I don’t think any are active.

It’s not actually the User List. I’m able to search user names and I tried some obvious terms, like Homer and Burns and so on. You can do much the same thing with the regular search function, since it can “fill in” user names for you.

Which thing was Gangster Octopus a ref to? I don’t remember that one…

Here you go …

Elsewhere I’m Dangerously Unqualified and have thought about going with that over the needlessly cryptic nd_n8.

Any compelling reasons why I should?

You’d be joining the popular crowd! And son, being popular is the most important thing in the whole world.

Geez, Otto’s been gone for what, two months maybe and no mention yet.

I never knew he was named for the Simpsons character. In fact when I see the name Otto I tend to think either Preminger or this guy.

Me. My brother greets me by imitating Barney and saying “Hey Homie!”

If I could change my username to one with a Simpson’s reference, it would be Free The Springfield Two*. What would yours be, non-Simpsons affliated Dopers?

***** Identify the reference, clever clogs! :slight_smile:

I thought there had been a user called quijibo, but search doesn’t back me up, so either it has changed its name or I have hallucinated.

Was it spelled differently maybe? Like Kwijibo?

ETA: says it should be spelled “kwyjibo.”

Serves me right for checking my spelling at a non-official Simpsons site. Yes, Kwijibo.

What about meee?