Dopers with Simpsons related user names.

No Disco Stu? There should really be a Disco Stu.

I can think of another one.

Me too.

Of course, this is only an alias. My real name is actually C. LaRue.

You were the first one I thought of when I saw the thread title.

I recall that you once posted that there was another Doper who had almost the same user name, or in other words, “This guy’s my exact double!”

Nice try, Homer. We know it’s really you.
Is there no Hank Scorpio?

If I were gonna change in favor of a Simpsons-related name, I’d probably go with Killy McGee.

Or Ladies’ Room Cigar Dispenser.

Maybe I should ask to change my name again. To Max Power!

Only good things can come of it.

In the marvelous episode when Homer becomes a hippie, he tells Marge to go braless and “Free the Springfield Two.”

If I were gonna use a Simpsons name, we need a Grimey

I suggest Chesty La Rue for yah.

Registered in February 2003, never posted.

I used to be hrhomer, based on the softball episode - Lisa called Homer “Home Run Homer.” But I lost access to that account’s email address, and was never able to reacivate the account.


Full marks, Annie-Xmas. :slight_smile:

I must admit, stupidsexyflanders is a wonderful name, although the genius seemed to fizzle out after a mere 4 posts. Come back stupidsexyflanders, all may be forgiven

Please email TubaDiva to get these accounts merged.

I’d like to see someone use Rich Uncle Skeleton, but I think it might be a bit unwieldy.

I just saw a post from a Uosdwis R. Dewoh. Better try Greektown, boys- oh, and bring me back some of those, um, gyros.