Dopiest Thread of 2010?

Calling all Dopers,

Besides this thread, which will be dopest since it contains all the dopest, nominate your favorite threads in 2010 that are quintessentially “Straight Dope”.

We’re looking for memorable threads where you laughed, cried or learned something new.

Sorry zombie fans, only threads that were started in 2010 are eligible.

I vote for the threads that need an “i” in the subject line.

This Pit threadI started on SCOTUS wife Ginni Thomas calling Anita Hill to ask for an apology took turns I would’ve never expected when I started it and has a number of twists that feel classically Dopish…

The I’s have it. :wink:


Can you eat Mr. Tumnus and keep kosher? What a classic.

My personal favorite thread for the year was the foaling cam thread in the spring. It went on & on, with us horse lovers gathering there, e mailing each other when a birth was coming.

It was tons of fun and I got to see many baby horses taking their first breath & first steps. Hard to beat that!

I don’t have a nomination but if those who do can link to it than THIS thread would be the Dopiest, like the OP hoped.

Here’s the link for [thread=578481] I keep kosher. Can I eat Mr. Tumnus [/thread].

A great thread from the get go. Kudos to NinjaChick.

Sorry to double post - I wanted to mention [thread=556384]Who said ‘Gassings’ were all fiction??? How do you explain two people sleeping 16 hours?? [/thread]. As a bonus this thread represents two additional definitions of the word ‘dopiest’, so it almost has to win.

I vote the same as Attack from the 3rd dimension’s second choice, because I chose to interpret your OP to mean “dopiest” as in “stupidest”.

This thread gave me a laugh!

The cattle mutes thread was pretty dopey.

When I started this thread, I could never have imaged what I was starting.

The thread title says it all (especially considering that at post #6 PlainJain says that it was really started by accident).

Oh yeah, I remember that! One of the Dope’s stranger moments.

[thread=552308] The caveman with an ipod [/thread] thread required Lodovic to remember prior comments from the OP and construct the perfect comeback at post #3.

That one takes it. It’s like those virtual videos.

I don’t think we had a thread like this last year, so just in case, I’ll nominate Was Europe (1500-1789) a black civilisation?, a.k.a. the Egmond Codfried thread. The thread started in December 2009, so technically it might not count, but a little more than half the posts were made in January 2010.