Doritos - great gimmick, but I just want my bleu cheese!

So Doritos has a new flavor gimmick going, now that their “can you guess that this is cheeseburger?” and their “we’re gonna release two GREAT flavors, but only keep one so go vote!” campaigns are over. Now they’re selling bags with two flavors mixed together on separate chips. They got Taco & Chipolte, and Hot Wings & Bleu Cheese. Now, I get it…hot wings get dipped in bleu cheese to make a tasty appetizer. The only problem is I can’t eat anything even remotely spicy, nor do I understand why some people CHOOSE to. However, I am a big fan of bleu cheese, and after unsuccessfully searching around for a solely bleu cheese flavored bag, I realized the gimmick they had, and decided to buy a bag. And of course, the wings chips are too spicy for me and just make my mouth feel pain, but the bleu cheese chips are GREAT.

Unfortunately, if I want to continue enjoying this snack, I’m gonna have to throw half the bag away and I have to be careful to make sure I only pull the white colored chips, as the orangey ones are the spicy ones.