Double post, no warning from the board bot

Sorry for that double post. at #4

But this is odd:

Clicking the back button on the browser until my login, the browser shows only preview pages of my post, if I had pressed “send” the back button should show at least once the thread with the post #4, not the preview screens.

Or at least it should have shown me the “thank you for posting" message. That message only appeared when I did send the final version that became post #5, so why no warning that I had posted already?

The same thing happened to me yesterday. I know I only clicked send once. When it transfered me back to the thread, it was a singlet, when I enter the thread a couple hours later, it had a twin :dubious:
The hamsters might have barfed.

Back button doesn’t work like that. It takes you to your browser’s cached version of the page, the version that you had not yet posted to. Once you are there you can just hit refresh and you should see your post.