Dragonfly98, if anyone has been just beggin for a pitting, it's you

So, in Great Debates there was a debate going on about the morality of sport hunting. It was a bit heated, but generally civil.

Then dragonfly98 reared his ugly head. In his first post alone, he manages to call hunters ‘moral cowards,’ ‘homocidal maniacs,’ and ‘insane.’ He makes no debate, just these type statements.

He gets called on his statements (by several people including me). Most of those who called him to task for his comments were the same people who were questioning the morality of huinting in the first place, that is, people who are more likely to be on his side (including me). We may partially agree with him, but can’t stomach his rudeness and over-the-top statements.

His next post is a bit bizarre, saying that those who oppose his statements (even if they agree with his general point of view) are “nothing more than a pretended apologist for those that are omnivores/meat eaters and you are using the suffering of poor defenseless creatures to justify the wholesale slaughter of animals for human consumption.”

He then says we aren’t listening to his arguments because he is a “veg*n” (don’t know why he left out the letter).

In his next post he calls me morally deficient and insane. Then it gets better, he says “the problem is your pathetic ego-centric grandstanding and of course a pronounced lack of any real insight”

I didn’t even bother to include all of his insults and blather. He doesn’t debate, just makes assertation and insults those who question them.
Check out his web site It links to another web site in which he claims to be a homeless person who recently (10 days ago) converted to being a vegan. I guess there’s no convert like a new convert.

Listen dragonfly. I don’t care that you are a vegan (or veg*n). You can eat whatever you like. I don’t care if you think sport hunting is cruel. If you do, give your reasons, tell us how you came to that conclusion, give some cites, debate!

Don’t be an asshole.

“Omivore” ???

What’s that? "I eat meat, vegatables, insects, table lamps, gas clouds, liquid nitrogen, rocks, glass, small balls of fuzz, garden gnomes…


Mmm…garden gnomes…

Don’t forget ‘torturers’ and ‘murderers’ that were in there too (although some may consider ‘homicidal maniac’ to be a subset of murderers but both were used in the post).

Now, autz, that’s not fair.
You claim he manages to call hunters “moral cowards,” etc. in his first post alone…

actually, it’s in his first, second, fourth and fifth posts.
(someone likes the sound of his own words. Kinda like farts, but the lad keeps sniffing 'em)

in his third post, he digresses long enough to call people morally deficient and insane, with absolutely no mention of moral cowardice and homocidal mania.

He’s not just being an “asshole,” he’s being a jerk.

To sweeten the pot even more dragonfly98 was suggesting that children are being taught to be torturers and murderers.

“Even if one is not a Xtian, i think it is an extremely rare case where children are raised being taught to mercilessly torture amd murder other beings, in this case other animals.”

They taste like chicken …

Duh. The letter “a” is the first in the alphabet, therefore it is symbolic of the Patriarchy of Men ruling this world, killing animals without prejudice, and kicking young puppies.

Sorry, I lost track of how often the phrase ‘moral coward’ was used after the first few.

I didn’t even try to keep up with the insults, too numerous to mention.

You know, if he really thought we were insane, murdering, torturing, morally deficient homicidal maniacs, you’d think he’d be more polite when he addressed us, just out of self-preservation.

Completely off-topic, but what is up with Xtian, anyway?
Taking the Christ' out of Christian’?
Typing those extra five letters takes too much energy?
Or is this some new cult dedicated to the last letter of the alphabet?

(btw, possibly veg*n is meant to represent either vegan or vegetarian?)

viking, your question has been answered in the Straight Dope mailbag:

I googled ‘veg*n’ and found this:

Q: What does veg*n mean?
A: Simply, it’s an abbreviation of “vegetarian and/or vegan.”

I googled 'gegn’ and found this:
Q: What does veg
n mean?
A: Simply, it’s an abbreviation of “vegetarian and/or vegan.”

Wow, a double post… and they are different… and half an hour apart!


Well, that’s the patriarchy for you, autz.

I believe X comes from the Greek letter Chi, which early Christians used as a code.

I myself have used Xtian (not here, on another board) in place of fundie, to differentiate from true Christians who live the philosophy and don’t try to burn Harry Potter books or shut down gaming stores.

Hi all. Thanks for the links to my website. :slight_smile: First, i will clear up some glowing misconceptions about myself. Yes i am a vegan. And no i didn’t convert 10 days ago. What happened is that i finally got rid of my leather wallet, that had some sentimental value, and bought a nice hemp wallet. Otherwise i have been avoiding all animal products for over 16 months now.

My conversion from being an omnivore to a vegan began in 1998. i ate a 95% lacto-ovo vegetarian diet with the occasional fish.

In October 2000 i quit the fish altogether and finally quit the dairy and eggs in February 2002.

A little math for you. During the past five years that i have been veggie, i have eaten flesh perhaps 30 times, only in the form of seafood. Therefore:

5 years @ 3 meals/day ~= 1825.
30/1825 ~= 1.6%

…so in the past six years approximately 98.4% of my meals have been vegetarian. In other words only 1.6% of my meals were the flesh of dead animals. The rest mostly grains, legumes and vegetables. How about you??

Quite a few functionally illiterate anti-social feeble minded self-righteous moral cowards here i must say. i must have hit the jackpot!!

Oh… BTW your mama wears army boots and your daddy proudly perfoms oral sex on South Central Gangstas for a nickel a shot.

Be seeing ya…

I eat dead animals. They taste good. I plan to keep eating them, and if I gotta kill 'em myself, so be it.