DreadCthulhu's gone?

the Tentacled one is gone?

i didn’t even realise his ‘last straw’ was one until it was quoted as such. aren’t we all getting a bit too uptight? so far i haven’t come across any of his posts there were jerkish in behaviour, most of them seem to be in-character and weren’t meant to rile anyone up, after all, we’re talking about Cthulhu right??

and who’s gonna pick up the slack when tentacles are needed? …

I just noticed yesterday.

I , too am saddened. I felt that my “special relationship” would insure that I was eaten first.

Maybe, maybe…

That really bordered on hate speech. Though I am saddened (amused?) by his passing.

It makes me sad.

He was funny.

He dared to take on the name of the Dreaded One! Banishment is too good for him! Let him not be eaten! Let him be nibbled upon eternally!! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Eh, I think he was bouncing up and down on the “Don’t be a jerk” rule for long enough that it broke. Play with fire, eventually you get burned. Bye, DC. Every now and then, you were somewhat amusing.

Well, **Kurdt Kobain**'s indulging in some role-playing right now…

I’m with GMRyujin. The first time he posted a Cthulhu-like “joke” about eating a pet in a thread someone had started about that type of pet dying, it might’ve been a somewhat amusing play on his username. After the first time, the roleplaying thing was too much and got to be offensive, especially to the OPs who were dealing with real losses.

Whatever your opinion, in general, about how (over)connected people become to their pets, it’s still jerkish behavior to dump on a specific person who is obviously hurting.

CD made it pretty clear that he wasn’t going to drop the “I’m an evil fictional character” shtick and wasn’t ever going to be considerate of other Dopers in those situations. It was beyond time for him to be shown the door.

On behalf of cat-lovers everywhere, I would like to say:

Bye, Bye, DreadCthulhu! Good luck in the sandbox of life - you’ll need it, trust me.

He may have been amusing on occasion, but I found most of his posts to be in very poor taste.

He was one of my least favorite posters. Good riddance.

Whereas he found most of your pets to be in very good taste.

In the Pit thread dedicated to him and his insistence on role playing, the Great and Terrible Lynn Bodoni warned him that he was on thin ice. About six posts later, he did one of his “You’ll be eaten first” posts, and was shown the door.

DreadCthulhu ran afoul of DreaderBodoni. :cool:

I see dread people!

Dammit, Elucidator! You beat me to the obvious joke!

And, although I rather liked DC, I think the fact that most of this thread is dedicated to making light of his departure kind of says something…

Looks like the stars are wrong, after all. Buh-bye, DreadCthulhu. Can’t say I’ll miss ya.

Yeah, it says we’re being far more civil than he was! :smiley:

He joked in my thread about my brother’s attempted suicide. I won’t miss him.

I said in the original Pitting of him that funny remarks are one thing, but when people are nothing but gimmick posters, it gets old pretty damn fast.

Too bad Imho, I found his posts to be a funny, if repetitive break in the serious conversation.

So you think it was the “you’ll be eaten first” bit and not the “I laugh at holocaust videos” bit that ultimately caused the ban? I assumed it was the latter…