…have you any dreams you’d like to share? “Dreams” by Stevie Nicks

One night in 1970, my Aunt had a dream that God was holding out his hand to her husband, and calling his name. She was awakened from that dream by a phone call informing her that my uncle, a Truck Driver, had been in an accident, which turned out to be fatal.

My wife, has had more than a couple dreams, which if interpreted a certain way, have come true. In one dream for example, a giant flood came ripping through the back door of a Church we were attending, literally splitting the Church Building in half. End of dream. A few months later, the Pastor of the Church was accused of doing some unpastorly things. Some of the congregation wanted him to stay, some wanted him to go. He left and so did quite a few members of the congregation.

I’m a believer that some dreams have meaning. What are your experiences and thoughts about the scientific and spiritual meanings of dreams.