Dress me!

Hey all, I need a little help with something. I’ve got this fancy dress party in a couple of weeks and the theme is ‘Supervillains’. My problem is that I wear glasses (can’t do contacts) and I can’t think of any decent bespectacled supervillains. The only ones I can think of are Kevin from Sin City, who’s a bit too creepy and who most people probably wouldn’t recognise, and Dr. Octopus whose costume would just be way too much of a pain in the arse to make.

Can anyone think of any decent, speccie supervillains who are (a) famous enough that people won’t go ‘Who?’ once I’ve said who I am and (b) wear costumes which don’t require high level engineering qualifications to build?

Cheers in advance!

I think, with a few bucks for flexible HVAC tubing from Lowes or wherever with some wire inside to pose it, that Doc Octopus might be easier than you think (especially the movie version, who IIRC seems mostly to be wearing street clothes with the robot arms).

Can you be an evil Clark Kent?

Is there such a thing as Bizarro Clark Kent?

If you can find a pair of red over-the-glasses wraparound sunglasses, or something like that, you could go as Cyclops from the X-Men, one of the few superheroes who’s defined by his eyewear. :smiley:

Get a toy ray gun, some gizmos, a lab coat, & a beaker of something Kelly Green, & go as a generic Mad Scientist.

Didn’t Syndrome from The Incredibles wear glasses?

No, sorry.

I was wondering what happened to my street clothes.

Sylar, from Heroes, occasionally wears glasses, I think. I’m not sure how you’d dress up as him, though, and make it recognizable.