Droid Vs Eris

I’m up for a new phone on Friday and I’ve been drooling over the Droid and the Eris, but I can’t make up my mind. In a nutshell, the Droid is better in just about every way but I like the form factor of the Eris A LOT more it’s also (from what I could tell with it tethered to the counter) a much lighter and thinner phone.

So…anyone have either of these phones, has anyone played with them, does anyone have an opinion? As of right now, I’m leaning towards the Droid, but I’m still not 100% sure yet.

I have no vote, but I am up to get a new phone and would love to hear the comparison between them.

Dunno - Motorola would have to try very hard to win my affection, as I’ve been the victim of some of their truly horrible phones in the past.

HTC, on the other hand, seems to be able to do no wrong.

Apart from the slide out keyboard (which not everyone will want or need), what are the major differences between these two phones?

Still no real competition for an iphone.

I don’t really know anything about those phones, but dude, get the Eris.
That Droid monstrosity is about the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen! :mad:
Unless it can fix your car for you, and has a beer tap, it’s not worth it, getting anything that ugly.

Apart from the keyboard (which I didn’t care for anyways) and the form factor in general, the major differences seem to be
A)The Droid’s screen is a half inch bigger and higher res
B)While they both run the Android Software, the Eris runs it’s own UI over the Android software which means everytime there’s an Android upgrade, there’s a lag before the Eris get’s upgraded. Right now the Droid is running Android 2.0 and the Eris is running Android 1.5. Also, I’ve heard the Sense UI is quite a bit slicker then then just the Android UI.

ETA and the Eris is $100 cheaper (Which makes it free for me)

I love my Motorola Droid. It’s big, and I worried about that, but I’ve come to like the solid feel. I consistently use the physical keyboard instead of the virtual one; I just prefer the tactile nature of it. OTOH, the Droid does not have physical call and end keys, which is an adjustment.

IIRC, the Eris does not have turn-by-turn navigation, but it may when the OS gets upgraded. The Eris camera does not have a flash.

If you google “Droid vs. Eris,” you’ll get a ton of reviews. Here’s one. Basically, there seem to be a lot of things to like about either one.

I’ll bump this one more time since I’m going to get one or the other Friday afternoon.

If you can wait, there is another phone called HTC Passion that is rumored to be coming to Verizon in mid to late January. It looks like the Eris, but has more horsepower and a newer version of the Android OS.

I’ve been biting my nails since Monday when I realized I could upgrade on Friday. I’m not sure I could make it another 2 to 6 weeks. Besides there will ALWAYS be something better just around the corner.

Ditto, pretty much. It is a bit heavier than other phones, but I like that about the Droid. I picked my iPod Touch for something, and I thought I was going to break it.

I really don’t have anything negative to say about my Droid. It took a bit getting used to, but now that I’ve had it for about a month I’m glad I got it.

And Google Skymap is friggin sweet, as is the navigation that comes with it for free.

Yeah I know. I was going to get the Droid as soon as it came out, but then learned about the Passion. At first it was rumored to be coming out Black Friday, then December and now they say it will be January.
Verizon lets you exchange your phone for a different one within 30 days for a restocking fee, so if you can hold out a little more, you could get the Moto Droid or Eris on January 2nd and have all of January to trade it in for the Passion if it does come out and is as awesome as the rumors make it out to be. That is my current plan.

Never buy a piece of hardware named for the Goddess of Confusion. :wink:

o rly?

I just bought the Droid. By ‘‘just,’’ I mean less than an hour ago.

I got the Droid for the physical keyboard, faster net speed, and turn-by-turn Nav.

Less than one hour and it has already replaced my GPS and my digital camera. The Nav on this thing is better than TomTom One, and the mount you can buy is freakin’ awesome because it’s fully adjustable, like a long bendy robot arm.

I am seriously in love. But honestly it’s probably going to take me a week to figure out how to use it.

I have a droid, and I love it.

I just used it as a GPS unit, I typed nearest advance auto parts location into the google bar, and it gave me directions and turn by turn by voice once I tapped on the link picking the right location, very nice considering I was in some area near Baltimore that I have never been to or heard of and it was dark and I was frazzled.

I have a few other nice or fun apps.

The only downside it has is that Amazon is not updating mobipocket reader for anything, so I have about 50 DRM locked mobipocket books I can not read on it, but all my other mobipocket I changed to EPUB files and got a different ebook reader, and it works beautifully =)

One thing I would like, and am surprised that nobody has produced for it yet is a flip open hard case sort of like for my old PDA to protect the touch screen.

Ok, I’m having some trouble with the GPS. How do you save a location? The sales rep told me there is a favorites list, but I can’t figure it out.

Also, is there any way to merge Google contacts with Phone contacts? Very annoying to have people doubled up in my contacts list.

I just discovered the gps function night before last, give me a bit to putz with it,I am not actually sure if I am using it correctly myself and I only used it to find one location … :slight_smile:

I have no idea about the contact lists, I don’t have my phone doing my email, just a generated for the purchase email as I never had a gmail addy previously and they required a gmail addy.

And for those of you that have the Droid, do any of you have the screen protectors?

yup, I used the ones from my treo until I got the droid ones in the mail [i love mail order=)]

You can do everything just the same as if it wasnt there, and it protects the screen from scratches, nicks or spatters of stuff, you peel it off and throw them away and sticky another on on.