Drunk Dialing for Obama

I just ran into this link on Ben Smith’s blog at Politico.com - A guy got this Obama campaign call on his voicemail and had to share it with the world. I’m an Obama supporter and I find this hilarious. The guy gets his message across, at least (“We have to get this guy in…”)

"I’m from the Obama.


"I mean, we can go all day with the issue, but . . . "

As if he’s arguing with someone. But he’s talking to a voicemail. And he didn’t really make an argument. Rofl. :smiley:

That’s pretty damn funny.

“They got this script they want me to read, and you know… fugeddaboutit.”

That was some pretty funny stuff.

You don’t have to be drunk to support the Obama…cam-PAIGN, but it helps!

(Come on, you knew someone was going to make that joke sooner or later. And no, I’m not for McCain- it’s just an obvious joke.)

Ah, Joe twenty-four-pack. You can speak to our… middle 'merican… gotta have, you know, VALUES! I don’t know…

Funny and kind of sweet.