Drunken BusTrip or My First NFL Game

Well, I just returned from my first NFL game- Buffalo vs Miami- Miami got creamed (bummer), but the trip was a lot of fun. A couple of guys got pretty drunk, though and were a real pain in the ass on the way home on the bus. Also, they served chili at the tailgate party, so needless to say it was an aromatic ride home. (ewwwwww…) There were movies on the bus (and loads of sports tapes) which made it go pretty fast.
I would do it again, but this time hopefully Miami would win. I was smart enough not to wear any Miami gear into the stadium- I went disguised as a mild mannered Buffalo fan. That way when I left, I didn’t have drunk Buffalo fans throwing beer and food at me and calling me names (which they did- wow! are they nasty)

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Zettecity- I finally posted a pic!

Wooo! Party!!

I’ve been to four NFL games in my life… The Giants three times. And I just bought my pair of tickets for the Giants game against the Cards at Giants Stadium! I always say Giants on the road, so this is a big deal for me! WOOOOO!

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