I'm going to the Packer/Bronco game on Sunday!

Whoohooo! A lady at work has season tickets, and they’re out of town this weekend, so she sold me her seats. I’ve never been to a major league football game before! I don’t even like football all that much, but my boyfriend and my whole family are die hard Packer fans so I tend to see a lot of games. Look for me - we’ll be the ones being beat up for wearing Packer T-Shirts.

Enjoy the game. And could you bring me back a bratwurst?

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Here are my four football game experiences:

(1) NY Jets at Minnestota Vikings, 1994

I was in town to interview a band and they happened to have tickets available the day before, so i rearranged my flight to attend. The game itself was eventful only because it was the last win for the Jets under Rich Kotite, and my head scraped the ceiling of the dome my seats were so poor.

The main cool thing was staying in the same hotel the Vikes stayed at, so I got to meet a bunch of them including John Randle!

(2) NY Giants at Carolina Panthers, 1996

Got to attend a Giants game with my beloved father for the first time. It was his first live Giants game since they played in Yankee Stadium and The Polo Grounds! Even though we lost and had lousy seats, it was worth it just to see the Giants play with my dad right there.

(3) NY Giants at Tennessee Oilers, 1997

My greatest moment in sports! I sent in a fax to the Oiler people asking for press credentials. They approved me! So in addition to having 40-yard line seats, about 10 rows up on the Giants side of the field, I had a press pass.

The pass says, “Not allowed on the field until 5:00 is left in the game,” which I interpreted as I GET TO GO ON THE FIELD WITH FIVE MINUTES LEFT IN THE GAME!!!

So I did just that, to the amazement of myself, and got to watch our last-drive fall short from the Giants bench and then run off the field with the team, taking pictures as I ran.

Then I got to go to the locker room and see my heroes in various states of undress! YAY!

Got to talk to a bunch of players, coaches, met O.J. Anderson (SB MVP now doing radio) and the coaches wife and daughter. Took pictures. Had a wonderful time!

(4) NY Giants at Washington Redskins, 1998

Paid a fortune for tickets from a scalper, but got to sit 6 rows back at the 35 yard line on the Giants side with Dad (and my brother) again. Notable for giving the Redskins their first win after an 0-7 start.

Yes, my Giants are 0-3 while I am in attendance. I’m surprised if they ever let me see them again…!

Yer pal,

Have fun Athena! I have never been to an NFL game. The 1998 Super Bowl rematch should be fun. Although, Denver has lost most their star players since then. GB should win, although Mile High stadium might still be a hard place for visitors to win.

UncleBeer, the game is in Denver. You probably have to come to Wisconsin to get a bratwurst. Brats are mostly just a bunch of fat though. I avoid them.

Check out the straight dope Fantasy League at http://fantasyfootball.yahoo.com/football/show?page=leaguehome&lid=62402

Yep, check out the fantasy league…where I just CRUSHED Cheese Head this week!! :slight_smile: (Hey, I got spanked in my office league…I need to gloat SOMEWHERE…)

And hopefully the 'Skins can CONTINUE to look half-decent in playing against Arizona this week… < crossing fingers >

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Great. You’re going to see two loser teams suck.

I am so jealous! I’d do anything to go to a Packers game! :frowning:

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

Lawrence: Two loser teams that won the last three Super Bowls combined…

Bye, troll asshole!

Okay Cheese Head, I comin’ over for the game. I bring the damn brats and nice steak or something for you. You pick up the beer; I hear there are some great microbrews in Wisconsin.

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart

Congrats, Athena! Hope you had fun.

I’m a former Coloradan who’s never got the chance to see the Broncos. But living in DC, I’ve seen the 'Skins about 5-6 times. The most I’ve ever paid was face value ($25 at the time), and at least 3 times they were free.

Since the Skins and Broncos are in different conferences, they rarely play in regular season. The first time I did see them play was the 1988 Superbowl, which I watched in a DC bar. But I found plenty of Bronco fans to cheer with.