Dude killed by his own "baggy pants"

How tragic.
And hilarious at the same time. He’s a murderer, by the way, so feel free to giggle and his “just desserts”. Since he died, he should be up for a Darwin Award…perhaps the last entrant for 2009.

From the article:

I propose that the resources of the media be further used to dictate fashion to career criminals. “Saggy pants and pistol stuffed down the front” has paid off pretty well so far – now we just need a few movies to promote the idea that the “belt around the neck and shoes on the wrong feet” look is indicative of a really hard case. Win!

It’s really a shame he couldn’t have been tripped by his pants and been hit by a car on the way over…

Hunh. And I would’ve thought his baggy pants would have acted as some sort of parachute. Then again, I watch way too many cartoons.

Nah, parachute pants went out with the 80s.

But as absurd as I think this particular fashion is, it’s doing its share to make it harder for criminals who observe it to get away. I think this may, however, be the first pants-related death I’ve heard about.

Yeah, that poor girl, how do you react to the horror and grief over the murders of her father and brother when you want to laugh your head off over how their murderer got his just desserts?

There is a valuable lesson here: baggy pants do not belong on a 44-year old.

Oh what fun he had
But it did really turn out bad

Had I seen this in a movie, I would’ve walked out. But I’ve learned my lesson, Deus Ex Machinas are REAL.

But all he learned at school
Was how to bend not break the rules.

“He had no jacket on and his pants were down. He was very dead.”

And in the end, the trip you take
is equal to
The trip you make.

I think it was more like a Dockers ex machina.

That’s funny. There’s also another lesson for the daughter, don’t get your family involved in dealing heroin to low-life scumbags like the “baggy pants” tool who died.

Well, he killed 3 heroin dealers so it’s not a total loss.

‘As Coroner it must be known, I thoroughly examined Quinones; and he’s not only merely dead, he’s really most sincerely dead.’

Karma chose his 15 minutes of fame well.

Interesting fact: It’s actually “Just Deserts” as in deserving. No double “S”.

Really? I thought “Just Deserts” would be how you would describe the Sahara, Gobi and Death Valley.

Moral? Never be caught with your pants down…