Dutch-English translation Please? Pretty please?

I’ve got a friend in Holland, and just to annoy me, he’s put a bit at the end of his e-mail in Dutch. In the past I’ve managed to figure out what he means by using online translation machines (not perfect by any means), but this has got those stumped. I know it’s something about going on holiday.

Here it is: Nog even doorploeteren, en dan ga ik lekker een weekje op vakantie en me
zelf volledig volgooien…

I know there are a number of wonderful Dutch dopers out there…

“Still have to muddle through for a while, and then I’ll have a nice week of holidays in which I’m going to get myself absolutely hammered.”

I’ve tried to preserve the idiom.

You wouldn’t get a proper translation on this with a translation engine, I guess.

Fantastic! Cheers