E.r. 4/29

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Ok first off, what did the woman say when Abby gave her the drug? I saw the first part, then the phone rang and I managed to get off the phone just as she was talking to the guy who said he would still have to file a report. I got that she was somehow responsible for the death of the first baby, but I don’t know how.
Neela is an idiot. That’s my conclusion from this season. She has no spine whatsoever and needs to make a decision about what she’s going to do. I know, having the long-drawn out decision makes it more dramatic or something.
Kerry (is it Carrie? I always debate, and go with the K) - I’m feeling pretty sympathetic towards her running off with the baby. But is whats-her-name leaving the show? If not, I suppose that won’t happen.
Abby is, naturally, going to pass her boards this time.

Nothing else to say at the moment, since I have errands to run.

The woman’s first husband was abusive, he hit her often. He worked nights and had told her she was a lousy lay, couldn’t cook and couldn’t keep the baby quiet. The baby started to cry and the husband threw things in the bedroom and said if she didn’t get the baby to shut up, he would come out and kill them both.

She said the baby was wrapped in a blanket and she held him so tightly and said “shhhh baby” until the baby fell asleep. She smothered the baby.

I was wondering why she agreed to the drug knowing she could possibly confess to killing her baby, Charlie, but I guess deep down, she wanted it out.

As soon as the mother said that her first child had died of SIDS, I knew there was more to it. On TV dramas, especially cop and lawyer shows, SIDS is always foreshadowing for “mom killed baby but got away with it until now.”

It’s interesting how the TV medical profession has changed…

  1. Mother smothers her baby to stifle cries, and veteran war surgeon Hawkeye Pierce, unflappingly handling years of battlefield trauma surgery and chaos, freaks out at the injustice and horror and gets committed to an asylum.

  2. Mother smothers her baby to stifle cries, and med student Abby lights a smoke, says “yeah, life sucks, deal, I’ve got a test tomorrow”

We’ve come a long way, baby! :dubious:

i think Hawkeye went nuts, because HE told the woman to shut the baby up and I believe she “necked” it, which is why Hawkeye kept seeing the woman killing a chicken. His guilt drove him nuts, where as Abby just happened to be there for the ride.

Wasn’t Hawkeye actually there when the mother smothered her baby? He might feel much more horrified if he felt like he didn’t prevent the death in order to save his own skin.

Not only was Hawkeye on that bus, he ordered the mother to keep the baby (initially in his mind as a chicken) silent so the enemy wouldn’t find them.

In other words, he ordered her to kill the baby. The actual demand was to keep it quiet, but the result was killing the baby.

Abby was merely hearing the woman’s supressed memories from eight years ago come out in some drug-assisted talk therapy. I couldn’t figure if she’d accidentally or intentionally smothered the baby.

Slight hijack, but do you remember the guest role that Alan Alda had on ER a few years ago as a doctor now with Alzheimer’s Disease? As I remember, one of the regular characters (Kerry Weaver, perhaps) said that he had taught emergency medicine for a long time.

I liked to imagine that this was the same character as Hawkeye Pierce and that after returning from Korea he used what he learned there to develop and teach emergency medicine in the US, and that now in the late 90s he was at retirement age but now starting to get Alzheimer’s.

As a gal who has never been pregnant, I must ask:

Would a woman as pregnant as Kem is really come bounding down the stairs like that?? Would she have the energy? Would she be able to keep from falling forward? Wouldn’t it be dangerous?

Wouldn’t those two ketamine-lovin’ researchers have been booted right out if this were a real hospital?

I’m glad Weaver didn’t flee with Henry, because she’d just wind up in jail. As it is, though…What is she going to do now?

Does anyone know who played the seizing mom? She looked really familiar to me.

Ditto the old guy on the board who got slapped down by Carter. Not his dad, of course, the other guy.

This TWoP thread (2nd post in thread) indicates that it’s Julianne Nicholson

I lost track of time and didn’t see the beginning of the episode. What did Neela do? I saw her getting a talking to about some incident, but I didn’t know what happened up in the lab.

Two of her lab-rat buddies have been experimenting with some kind of off-the-books “study” involving ketamine (which is a controlled substance, so I’d be greatly interested in how and where they got their grubby little paws on it, and how long they think discrepancies in the substance logs are going to slip by uninvestigated), and one of them was having heart problems because of it. Neela happened to be upstairs checking on something when it happened, and she dragged them down to the ER. She and Pratt got the guy taken care of, but he then refused to sign in and let them start a chart. She has to either rat them out, or help them cover up illegal use of a controlled substance. Ratting them out will get them kicked out, and the one guy is apparently ABD. On the other hand, what they were doing was stupid, dangerous, and illegal, and if it comes out some other way, people might think she was involved, too.

But then in a scene a little later, one of them (I think it was the one who had the heart issue from the drug) was in the lab supervisor’s(?) office - I got the impression that someone had said something, but that it wasn’t Neela, since the other guy was still talking to her.

Thanks, Lsura, I think that is indeed her. Now can you tell me where I have seen her? :slight_smile: I haven’t seen anything in her IMDB list.

I was wondering the same thing about Kem. Her belly was bouncing away and I thought that was a weird thing to do. I also thought that it would be uncomfortable.

After watching the preview for the last two episodes, my totally BS prediction to wrap up Carter and Weaver’s plots is:

Kem, who viewers don’t seem to like anyway, dies giving birth. But baby Carter lives, leaving John a single dad. He and Weaver see this as common ground, both having lost a loved one recently, and her lawyer’s remark that being “single” will be held against her in the custody hearing comes up. They decide that the best thing to do is to have a marriage of convinience, so she can get her son back, and he has some help raising his son or daughter.

This is what would happen if I wrote for the show. :stuck_out_tongue:
[/spoiler] [sub] no actual spoilers, but I thought the box would make people happier.[/sub]

I like it!! They’ve already lived together and everything, sure it’d work, and boy wouldn’t Carter have fun ticking off the Board members by siccing Kerry on them. :smiley: