Ear hair. Men: What do you do about it? Women: Do you care?

I’ve just spent a rather painful few minutes plucking the hair from my ears. I’m not sure why it bothers me but it does.

Men: Do you do anything about your ear hair? Pluck it? Trim it? Go au natural?

Women: Does a guy with hairy ears bother you? Disgust you? Turn you on? Do you even notice?

I’m a woman and I can honestly say that it grosses me out. So taking a few minutes to pluck (or shave with an electric razor) those things is good.

Yes, the electric razor I got for Christmas is good for trimming around the ears and even the nose. It doesn’t do as well as a blade for me on the face.

I think I’ll probably go back to a blade for shaving, but keep the electric razor handy for stray middle-aged man hairs.

I have some mini-clippers for the nose and ears. Plucking would hurt!

It’s pretty gross IMHO. I would consider leaving it along to be poor grooming.

Definitely trim it with one of those little battery operated nose/ear hair trimmers. Only takes a minute once a week. Makes a big difference on presentability, especially as a man ages it gets worse.

I’m into hairier guys, but I’m not really looking at an age range where nose hair is a major concern (my exes almost all comprise the under-30 crowd). So I can’t say for sure since I haven’t yet faced the problem. But in general, I’m really laid-back when it comes to body hair. I’d probably not care all that much either way unless there was a forest blasting out of their ears. But then I’m a female who doesn’t shave anything on a regular basis… I’ll do the legs for a job interview but that’s about it. So I’m far from typical.

I pluck eyelid hair, but not the ears. I constantly trim the ear hair and I mean even deep in the ear with long sharp scissors. It those inside hairs get too long, they cause an itch. The hair grows so fast I end up doing parts daily. Not trimming the ear hairs would appear very neglectful.

Are we talking about hair that grows from the inside of the ear poking out, or wolfman style ear that grows on the outer edge of the ear? 'Cause…never mind, really, both gross me out. But wolfman hair is way grosser.

Woman, definite turn-off for me. Indicates the guy just doesn’t care about too many things I do, and I’m far from a perfectionist.


If I’ve got to pluck, shave, and wax damn near my whole body, you can take 2 minutes to put a whirlygig in your ear to fix your icky.

Yeah, it’s gross and shows a lack of grooming. If you’re looking for women to come in here and say it’s okay, you don’t have to bother- it’s not gonna happen.

I trim my man’s ear hair for him. It’s my little way of improving the world.

I use a lighter to singe the hairs down. It stinks for a few minutes, but it’s a hell of a lot quicker than tweezing or trimming.

Of course, I don’t have hair on my head. Might be a bit more difficult for people with full heads of hair.

I have a trimmer, which I use regularly on ear and nostril hair.

My dear man was frightfully unaware he even had such things as ear hair, or the oddball weirdo eyebrow straggler pointing out at the world. I consider it my wifely duty to not let him go out in the world being That Guy, so every few weeks I trim them for him.

I pluck. They grow back slower that way. Plus they begin to itch if they get too long.

I was just talking to a friend about this yesterday. We concluded that perhaps the ickiest thing about older men is ear hair. We don’t know how men can get rid of it, but if there’s a way . . . try.

Eyelid hair? What? I’ve never heard of eyelid hair.

If I did have it, I can’t imagine leaving it alone. Goodness.