Earth to Dr. Laura! Earth to Dr. Laura!!

This is so anachronistic as to be almost funny - if she wasn’t so serious!

Yeah. Why not? It’s not like wives don’t go to work and earn money or visit relatives they don’t like.

How sad there are those who think she has something of value to offer.

I wonder if she had the song Wives and Lovers stuck in her head for too long?[ul]
*For wives should always be lovers too
Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you
I’m warning you…

Day after day
There are girls at the office
And men will always be men
Don’t send him off with your hair still in curlers
You may not see him again*[/ul]

I really wish Dr. Laura would just shut up and go away.

I don’t see a problem with Dr. Laura’s expectations. I mean, really, when else am I going to catch up on my knitting?

Wait a second, Juanita, you mean you knit while you’re putting out? Do you think that’s wise? I mean, you might drop a stitch or something… :eek:

Knits mate nice.

Knits mate nice.

I imagine there’s no context to the above quote or anything, huh?

“Hello, this is Dr. Laura. If husbands are expected to go to work and earn money and visit relatives they don’t like, why can’t their wives put out on demand? Thank you.”

What an obscure reference.

(Not obscure to a seasoned Doper or to a student of colonial history, but still, fairly obscure in the `normal’ world.)

Anyway, I agree that Laura is a nitwit, and I hope she doesn’t pass on her stupidity to any of her offspring (if she, indeed, has any offspring).

How could context possibly make the statement any less absurd than it is? And no, I do’nt know the exact context - I read the linked article and that’s as far as it went. Frankly, I don’t care enough about this woman to research her views. I’d rather mock the silliness as I see it.

Carry on.

I wonder if Dr. Laura puts out on demand?

Actually, the link gives the proper context.

So, Fairy, you don’t think women should have to put out once in a while? And, Juanita, sex is just as obsolete as knitting?

I’m actually in a sex starved marriage, so this hits a raw nerve with me.

Yeah, thanks for the image, Amp.


Tax Guy, if you’d maybe bothered to click on the link you’d see that the incomplete Dr. Laura quote is from her new book, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, which sounds awfully like something out of Harry Potter.

You don’t need to settle for a mental image. Google for her naked pics and off you go!

OK, FCM, so you’re taking someone’s interpretation of what Dr. Laura “argues” (notice, not “said” or “wrote”), and then getting all pissed at Dr. Laura about it.

Hey, I’m no Dr. Laura fan, but it just seems to me that there are better ways to live your life than to get pissed about someone else getting pissed about something without investigating it yourself. Also, the book isn’t even out yet (it’s arguably not even really written yet because only proofs have been sent out), so your thread is a wee bit early.

OK, blind rage on then, but seems a little silly to me.

Not evenly closely related but good for a giggle nontheless

Leviticus 18 : 22

That was funny! I really wonder what ol’ DL would say about that, like if she has some explanation that makes sense to her about why the “no homosexuality” rule is still in effect if the others aren’t.

Personally, I hate the term “put out” - it sounds like a chore or a distasteful obligation. I think a couple needs to find what works for their marriage, and if there’s a wide gulf between their expectations, they may need to get help to bridge the gulf. But to have to “do one’s duty” reduces lovemaking to the level of a household job. And if one spouse is willing to have the other one in that “dutiful” position, there are issues and problems that I’m not qualified to address.

Tax Guy, I don’t believe I said I was pissed. Nor am I raging. I wanted to share the article because it amused me, and I know the boards well enough to know that Dr. Laura threads belong in the Pit.

If that’s OK with you… I’m sorry my silliness offends.