Earth to Dr. Laura! Earth to Dr. Laura!!

Agreed. There is a word for using sex as a commodity. Hence the phrases “Give it up” “put out” “get some” should be erased.

I don’t want to have sex with anybody that doesn’t want to have sex with me for the sole purpose of having sex with me.

When I saw the thread title I had a faint hope that NASA had directed a Schlessinger-bearing rocket into the sun in order to determine whether or not massive stupidity has any measurable effect on the process of nuclear fission.

I haven’t been this disappointed since yesterday afternoon, when it became clear that 6X infanticide Jay Handel’s leaving a B.C. courtroom on a stretcher with the blanket pulled up over his face was the result of nothing more serious than a fainting spell.

I know it’s not relevant but it pains me to see that so conspicuously close to “massive stupidity.” :smack:


Link doesn’t work.

Might this “bridge” take the form of a drop dead georgous 18 year old redhead and her bisexual twin sister? I’m dying to know.

Gee, Weirddave, that’s a tough call. Maybe we need to see what Dr. Laura has to say on the matter.

lil ol me_?, it may interest you to know that this letter has been discussed a number of times on the SDMB, and its various points have been pretty well debunked (from an Orthodox Jewish POV, at least, which is what Dr. Laura claims to be speaking for) by some of our knowledgeable Jewish Dopers, cmkeller and zev_steinhardt.

Re the OP: from a Jewish POV, Dr. Laura actually has it backwards. In Jewish law, this obligation rests mainly on the husband, who is required - circumstances permitting, of course - to satisfy his wife, at minimum, at regular intervals (the exact interval depends on his stamina and how often he’s in town); AFAIK, there is no corresponding obligation on the wife to “put out on demand.” (However, unreasonable refusal by either party to have relations for an extended period of time can be grounds for divorce.)

Well, frankly, I don’t think anyone should have to have sex with anyone. Sex should always be something that you freely choose to do because that’s what you both want to do. I think that not wanting to have sex with your spouse for a long period of time is a big flashing red light that there’s a problem of some sort somewhere.

And I think Juanita is talking about the gender roles and the idea of bartering your body for certain behaviors being outdated, not sex itself.

On the bright side, though, I work and bring home money, and DrJ has this one uncle who’s a real pain in the ass, so I ought to up to my eyeballs in sex.

I don’t think this is correct. The difference in obligation between husband and wife is more technical than practical. The husband’s is more in the nature of religious commandment; the wife’s more in the nature of contractual obligation (these are not precise descriptions). Neither is required to “put out on demand”, but both need to be willing to try to conform to regular standards (barring health or other issues, obviously).

In general, it is a mistake to associate Dr. Laura’s statements with Orthodox Jewry - her association with this religion was short lived and she was probably never too informed about it. It seems to me that she seized on this religion because it seemed in line with her overall conservative social perspective, and rejected it when its members and leaders failed to back her up in her battles against her liberal enemies. I suspect she will now become a fundamentalist Christian.

Er, um…wouldn’t that be Incest?

Well, not for me

What’s great about Dr. Laura is that her doctorate is in physiology. This means that in her expertise, she can give advice about sex positions, as well as defining norms of marital sexual relations.

Who knew that physiology made one a relations and ethics expert?

Laura Schlessinger did. :smack:

Maybe I will show the link to my wife and she can tell me what I’m supposed to think about it.

Anyone else highly amused at the notion of JDT meeting Dr. Laura?:smiley:

Wow I didnt know she still had a show.

:smiley: :smiley:

I give up, who’s JDT?

Who? Is that the weird guy with all the penis threads?

CrazyCatLady you’ve always struck me as a reasonable person (no, really). I can hardly think that a NY Post reporter can be trusted to give an objective account of what the book really says.

Maybe we can read it at the same time when it comes out, start a thread about it and discuss it?