Everything’s stopped rattling.

Nothing else to say, really: just wanted to be the first to post! Before Johnny L.A., who always seems to beat me to the punch!

I felt it. My overhead lamp is still swinging to and fro…

The earth moved…(too bad I was alone)…

Seriously, though, 5.2 - 4 miles north of Big Bear…not too shabby.

There was an earthquake? I guess I slept through it.

I woke up just at the time it apparently hit but didn’t realize anything abnormal had occurred until I saw a news report.

I must have felt it just enough to be woken by it, but not enough so as to realize at that moment what had happened.

5.2? Pshaw! We don’t even wake up for those leetle quivers.

5.4 - 3 mi north of Big Bear.

Didn’t even wake me up here in the San Fernando Valley.

Latest Earthquake Maps

Well I was awake and at my computer. It’s where I always seem to be when something happens.

Anyway I did’t feel it. Of course, it might be because that I’m in San Francisco. You guys are so lucky, you even had aftershocks!
It’s been 9 months since the Bay Area had a shaker. [sigh]

Slept right through it. Hubby felt it, though, and apparently said something to me. I was completely out and didn’t hear, or reply.

So–what is with all these earthquakes happening in the wee hours of morning? With one very big exception (the Loma Prieta quake of '89), it seems they all hit in the 2-5am window. In fact, if I were to do some mental figuring…it’s a 5-1 ratio of early AM quakes to daylight hours quakes. Wonder if there’s anything to that.

I happened to be awake (had to pee–sorry, TMI, I know). So, while I was sitting there, rocking and rolling along, all I could think about was what if this was a stronger quake… I coulda died on the toilet…

I live in Sudbury, where supposedly a meteorrite tens of miles in diameter hit the earth, and thus resulting in the massive amount of nickel and copper…

So there’s constantly people blasting in the mines, and I always feel little tremors here and there.

How come I’m always in the Bay Area when there are earthquakes in SoCal? :frowning:

The rattling windows woke me up. The movment of the world kept me up.
Hawaii had quakes too but that doesn’t mean I like them.

YAWN I didn’t feel a thing, here in Van Nuys. But at 4:19 AM, that’s pretty typical.