Easy way to block the share links?

This was probably asked back when the things were introduced, but I can’t find it. I’m bringing it back up because once again I accidentally clicked one, and since we lack a good rolleyes smiley I had no way of coping–I could only stupidly smirk, which made my wife ask me if I was peeing myself.

Anyway, I’m using FireFox with Ghostery, NoScript and Adblock installed (there are a few other privacy add-ons but I think they work behind the scenes). Without bending over backwards (they’re not that intrusive), is there a way to eliminate, minimize, or avoid loading the super-share panel at the bottom of threads?

Just use your Adblock Plus along with the Element Hiding Helper. Select the Adblock button, click “Select Element to Hide” and click the box of the Share links. In the box that appears, make sure the checkbox about “padding” is selected. Select the one that mentions TD if you want, too.

Nothing else seems to be blocked from this but the share options.

Beautifully elegant solution, thanks. Even less Facebook for me!