Ebay problem

Anyone know how to fix hard drive to access Ebay? Whenever I sign into Ebay I get to do everything but Bid and Buy (probably a good thing but there is something I want to buy as a gift.) Whenever I try to bid I get the response “page not responding.” Ebay cannot solve my problem, can you? TIA.

Have you tried a different browser?

Yes I have to no avail.

Definitely a browser issue, possibly you don’t have **Java **installed? Just type ‘java download’ in Google and click on it, and run the "Do I have Java installed?’ test. If you don’t, then install it, you need it for a lot more that just eBay (and it will automatically install it on all your browsers). Also if you’re using Internet Explorer make sure you’re not running it in ‘safe mode’, this disables all add-ons. Also, if you have a 64-bit Windows OS make sure you’re not using ‘Internet Explorer (64-bit)’. 64 bit versions of Windows include this along with regular IE, but almost nothing on the web is made to work with it…

Well I appreciate your help HailAnts now I have Java and GoogleChrome but no Ebay. Anyone else care to venture a guess?

Is the error message you’re seeing a standard browser message, or is it Ebay branded?

In IE press the **ALT **key to bring up the menu bar, click on Tools, and make sure **Compatibility **Mode or **Compatibility **View is checked. If it isn’t, check it, restart IE and try eBay again…

So what exactly happens when you try to place a bid? Does it even take you to the login screen? Describe what you see in as much detail as you can (or take screenshots).

Page Not Responding

		 The eBay page or feature you are attempting to access is not responding.

Please try the options below:
Try to access the feature directly from the eBay Home Page, instead of using a bookmark.
Wait a few minutes and try to access the feature again.
If you have waited ten to fifteen minutes and you still can’t access your page:
Check our Announcement Board to see if the feature is currently unavailable.
If what you are looking for is unavailable, you may still be able to access other parts of the site from the eBay Home page

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The above page is displayed every time I try to bid or buy. Waiting 15 minutes does not help. nor do the other suggestions. I called Ebay and they also suggested trying a different browser which I did to no avail.

Checking the compatability mode had no effect, but thanks for trying.

Tried restarting your computer?

Let’s try a few simple things first:

  1. Clear Chrome cache (or IE cache).
  2. Check your Internet Option settings to make sure that there’s no check on proxy setting.
  3. Do a quick malware scan to see if anything is hijacking your browser.
  4. Bring up your Task Manager, and check to see if there is anything that looks strange in your “Processes” list.

At this point I’d say it sounds like some kind of malicious software. Download Malwarebytes Free, let it update, and do a Full Scan (might take an hour or so). Remove everything it finds and immediately reboot.

This is a common problem, and it’s on the Ebay side. It might be triggered by something in your browser, like a cookie or an old bookmark, but other doing the cache and cookie dance and following the suggestions in the message, there’s probably nothing you can do to fix it. Complain to Ebay.

Here are some other people with similar problems, and no apparent solutions.

Try to bid and buy on a different PC. You can even use ebay apps on your smartphone to do this. This will tell you if the problem is the specific PC you are using or your account status.

If your account is locked out on other PCs and devices check your ebay and paypal accounts, and that that your means of payment and other verification info is up to date and validated for primary AND secondary payment sources. Check that the credit cards you have attached to ebay and paypal are all up to date and the dates are current. Check that you are a verified purchaser.

On the other hand if the other PC or phone app works you have some funkiness in your browser or security settings.

Hold down the keyboard CTRL key when are initially doing the mouse clicks that accesses the bid and buy functions.

If the problem is deeply embedded it may require an OS re-install.

Thanks to all for your suggestions. I am going to live without Ebay. Probably God’s way of telling me that I am wasting too much time and money. I appreciate all of the help.