EBayers lookee what I found!!

Politician for sale!!

Is this cool or what?!? :cool:

whats next? selling your soul…oh wait soul

Big deal! Politicians have been for sale for 1000’s of years! :smiley:
Was it on this board that someone posted Grady Little for sale a few days ago?

I could use a soul but i’ll do without the hair samples and toenails.

That seems a little pricy for a soul, especially with no mention of the condition of the soul - I know I can innocent children’s souls for some candy and a couple of bucks.

While we’re looking at e-bay stuff…

I want one as well! Perhaps I can get one with a crunchy peanut butter upgrade…

<< BREAKFAST.COM Halted…Cereal Port Not Responding >>

“I don’t just sell the PFHTLE, I’m also a customer.” THAT’S too much!

This guy is apperently “the real thing” He even has his own radio show!!


Why are there no photographs? I never bid on anything without a photograph.

How do you find these items? search for ‘politician’?

Some people have way too much spare time.