Eddie Izzard, Fox Theater, Atlanta, May 11. Anyone else going?

Just got my ticket! Woot! Never seen him live.

No, but I will be seeing him in June. It’ll be my third time.

I’ve seen Eddie a couple of times and enjoyed his shows immensely.

At the Shoreline Amphitheater, he was briefly taken aback by the swallows that commonly fly around the venue at dusk. Without missing a beat, he christened them all as “Steves”* and carried on with his routine.
*Izzard fans will get the reference. Ciao.

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I’ll be seeing him in June as well. I can wait but I don’t want to!

No other Atlantans going?

FYI, I originally posted in MPSIMS because I thought the thread might end up more like a meeting thread than a discussion of Eddie.

But it looks like I may be at the Fox all by my lonesome. (Unfortunately, my wife is out of town, but I wasn’t going to miss seeing Eddie just because she couldn’t join me.)

Heading out in about an hour. If you’re going too, come to seat H-58 in the orchestra and say, “Cecil sent me.”

I’ll bet we’re going to the same show as scabpicker! It’ll be the second time we’ve seen him live, and I can’t wait. Our hardest decision at this point is where we will have dinner that night.