Editing browser buttons

I use Chrome as a browser. In the upper right, there is a button to minimize, one to decrease/increase window size and one to close the window. On a few occasions, I’ve had the pleasure of closing the window I meant to maximize. Is there a way to make those buttons bigger or, preferably, change their location so that they’re not right next to each other?

This is a user interface flaw in Windows. I have never found a way to do that in Chrome, or in any other Windows application, even ones like Word and Excel that provide macro capabilities and user interface customization. I think that Windows applications generally show the frame and those buttons in the upper right through a Windows library, rather than generating their own from scratch.

However, in the meantime, if you accidentally close a Chrome window, you can go to Settings, History, then find your window under Recently Closed and reopen it.

You don’t mention your OS. In most Linux desktop environments you can edit the position of the window buttons, or get rid of some or all of them. In Windows or Mac I don’t know, but you could take to using keyboard shortcuts. I know that in Firefox you can expand to full screen using F11.

Double click the title bar to maximize it instead.

But not in that little corner on the left. That has long been a way to close a window. Probably the best spot is that large amount of space under (and slightly to the left) of the buttons.

That said, if you On Startup in the settings and change it to “Continue where you left off,” you can just restart Chrome and it will have mostly saved your place. That’s what I did after testing of double clicking on the left corner would close it.

BTW, you can also click that corner on the left and then select Maximize in the menu that pops up. Or you can shift right-click on the button on the title bar and do it from that menu.

At least, you can in Windows 7. I know they remade the taskbar in Windows 10.

Oh, yeah, and you can also disable the close button entirely for a particular program.

Much better, thanks.

Thanks for that too. It also makes it easy to reopen closed tabs (which can also be done with ctrl+shift+T) and to open Task Manager.