Google Chrome questions

I am a Firefox user but I occasionally use Chrome.

Is there a way to make the tabs and tab bar bigger? What about the back and forward icons and the address field?

I already have the font size set to very large. But the font size of the browser UI is still tiny. Is there a way to make the UI font size larger?

The resolution of my monitor is set to 1920X1080. For obvious reasons I am not open to changing it just for an app.

Final question, is there a way to make new tabs open to the far right on the tab bar?

Thanks if you share useful answers.

  1. Not that I can find, but you never have to use the buttons if you learn to use the keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL-TAB/CTRL-SHIFT-TAB: Switch between next and previous tabs.
ALT-D: Focus address bar for typing
Alt-Left or Backspace: Go back a page
Alt-Right: Go forward a page
F5: Reload

  1. New Tabs at End

I am not interested in keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks for the second answer!

Couldn’t find any Chrome addon or skin that changed the toolbar size, sadly.

Do you want something that could make everything on your screen bigger? You could try changing the Windows DPI setting.

My DPI setting is already cranked. Thanks anyway.