Election Turnout Prediction Thread

Here’s a spot for turnout predictions, however you would like to slice them (divided by state, age group, party, however you want to predict them).

I’ll start; I predict record turnout, over 65% both in the U.S. as a whole, and in Illinois.


Heck, in NM, 40% of register voters had already voted as of Saturday! I’m going to go with the gambit and say 85% in New Mexico, and 75% in the rest of the country.

New Mexico is so high this year because, even though we only have 5 electorates, the split is very even; therefore, every vote counts for a higher percentage of an electorate than in any other state, this year.

Are we guessing eligible voters or registered voters?

Whatever you feel like guessing. If you want to guess both, that would be a bonus.