What will turnout be?

Inspired by this article which predicts record turnouts.

So if you have already placed your bet on timing of McCain’s concession, place one here too! I’m calling it at 65%, diminished some by some Republicans just staying home. Otherwise we’d break the last century record.

(yeah, not really a GD, feel free to move it, but being political and all …)

Turn out will be high but it will be lessened by what was learned in 04’ but there will still be problems.

When there is no room left in voting booths, the dead shall walk the earth (and vote).

Rather than slack off in sight of the finish line, I suspect the majority of Obama supporters and fence sitters will want to have a part in history by voting for Obama. Hell, I still brag that I was able to vote for his US Senate run.

For those expecting a huge turnout by young voters, sobering words from Gallup:

“Although Barack Obama leads John McCain by almost 30 percentage points among 18- to 29-year-old registered voters, these younger voters are still less likely than older voters to report being registered to vote, paying attention to the election, or planning to vote this year.”

Um, by the way, in two days, the Obama Campaign knocked 580,000 doors in Indiana.
…Just sayin’.