Electoral College Pool

Has anyone started one of these yet? A betting pool on Electoral College votes?

If not, consider it started here. The winner gets to be Joe the Plumber for a week or something – I don’t know, we can haggle over prizes later.
The gist of it: You post what you think the final tally of the Electoral College votes for the presidential candidates will be come November 5th – or if you really want to get pedantic on whatever the date the Electoral College actually casts their votes.
You see, not only do you have to predict who our next president will be, but you have work with a spread as well.

You may want to take advantage of any number of Electoral Vote calculators out on the innertubes, such as CNN’s.

And feel free to elucidate on your methods, hunches, whatever.

My picks: **Obama - 295 / McCain - 243. **

I threw FL McCain’s way and OH Obama’s way. For all the other tossup states I went with precedents so NC, CO and MO all go to McCain. I even threw VA to McCain, although CNN has it leaning Democratic (Republicans have won Virginia the last 4 elections) but Obama still squeaks it out in the end.

I started this one a while back.


Mods? Lockeroonie?

Unless you care to make it interesting?

:: takes out wallet ::


Locked at the OP’s request.