Electric razor with a trimmer attachment suitable for manscaping?

I think the title’s mostly self-explanatory here. My old razor needs a part replaced, but the whole thing is so old and battered that I want to just replace it. (It only charges for a few minutes at a time and then you have to unplug/replug it, etc.)

While I’m doing it, I’d like to solve another problem: I haven’t trimmed my manly bits since the first time I tried it, about a year ago. I was borrowing my girlfriend’s girly-bit trimmer at the time, and when we broke up she wanted it back, for obvious reasons. My current razor doesn’t work worth a damn in that region, and I’d like one that does. Since someone else is buying me the razor, I don’t want to ask for a “Pubic Trimmer 5000”. Anyone had a positive experience with a razor that also trims down there, out of the box?

Here you go.

(And yes, he does give the shocker at one point.)

My beard trimmer with the adjustable-height guard works just fine for landscaping, but if you’re going to clearcut I can’t help you.

I can’t vouch for it, but I would think one of those little rechargeable beard trimmers might do the job. It’s basically just a miniature version of electric clippers, and I think you can pick up a lower end jobbie for around twenty bucks. It is also a multitasker, as you can trim your soulpatch as well.

I’ll bet it tickles.

My girlfriend has this little ‘spot trimmer’ dealy, primarily designed for removing chin hairs and whatnot on women’s faces. However, we’ve found it works great on body hair in general, and I’ve had good results with using it down south. I can’t remember what its called (and my g/f is a little pissed because its floating aroudn in my room somewhere but I don’t know where it is offhand) but it is very effective- its as if it is erasing the hair off your skin.

TMI but who cares, during our vacation my girlfriend was doing manscaping on me, which left a hairless spot on my body, so for the next hour she shaved my entire body. I’m not a particularly hairy guy (no back hair, yay!) but this trimmer thing is TINY- the trimming head is probably only 3/4 of an inch wide. And yet that thing, with one AAA battery, sheared off all my body hair.

It certainly made all my clothes/underwear feel more comfortable for a few weeks :slight_smile:

I think the big Norelcos still come with a pop-up trimmer. It’s a little awkward, though. Check out the beard trimmer thread, where a few of us reccommend the Wahl Peanut for all your hairy parts.