Eli Stone - 10/14

Came back last night! A nice part for Sigourny Weaver, and next week Katie Holmes is on which looked pretty fun.

I loved this show last year, but i’m a little worried now in the turn the show is taking. It appears that God has decided to take a direct hand and leave all the guess work out. Almost seems like that angel show Michael Landon did back in the 80s.

But the show is still one of my top favorites so I will give it some more time. Anyone else check it out?

I honestly thought until I saw this post that the show was canceled and ain’t coming back. Infact, that’s the reason I didn’t even bother catching up on it over the summer.

Just what is the deal with this show? Why should I give it a second chance (I vaguely remember one episode…I think it was about that stupid vaccines = autism thing)

Oh yeah! Thanks, the name Eli Stone was vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t remember what was it. I watched last year’s premiere too.

It was the show with Sick Boy from Trainspotting, 'bout a lawyer that either got religion or schizophrenia, and won a case about vaccines causing autism by giving a speech about how he was unable to prove his case, but it was also impossible to prove God, and therefore they should hand him the money anyway.

One of my very favorite shows. The history of Eli includes his father who was always drunk, or at least that’s what the boys thought. When Eli started having his visions he discovers from the acupuncturist that they had known each other and that Eli’s father had visions also. He didn’t however know what to do about them and slowly went loony tunes.

Eli spent last season coming to terms with his abilities as well as having to convince various people that he wasn’t crazy and that his visions are true. He also has musical numbers with various celebrities (George Michael) that he has to figure out the symbolism for. Finally he decided that he didn’t want to be in this position anymore so he had an operation to remove the brain aneurysm thereby stopping the visions.

It’s funny and serious at the same time. Promotes the idea that helping people is more important that helping yourself and your bank account.

Find some of last season’s episodes and watch. This is a really unique show that deserves a look. The only other show I gush about right now is Pushing Daisies.

The LAW in Eli Stone is painful. The human drama is fascinating. I love how they handled Eli getting his visions back last night.

I’m a little undecided on the Deus Ex Ripley, but I like Sigourney Weaver so much, I’ll give up a little bit of ambiguity. Can’t wait to see next week’s ep: THAT’S what the dancing in *Chicago *should have looked like!

Yay! I’m glad it’s back. We lost Journeyman, Moonlight and Amsterdam last season, but this one was one of my faves, even though I didn’t like some of the cases Eli took at the beginning.

Why should anyone bother with the show? Well, if you don’t find the characters charming and interesting, then don’t. It’s just a lawyer show with maybe a supernatural twist.

Whatever happened to the Golden Gate Bridge? I thought it actually had collapsed in the earthquake?

The lead character is so wishy-washy that I can’t see his appeal. It’s hard to imagine the character as a world-beating Stanford Law graduate or the actor as the guy who Angelina Jolie married before Brad Pitt.

If you like both this show and Pushing Daisies, you might want to check out Wonderfalls (if you haven’t already). It got canceled during the first season, but they did a DVD release. It’s a similar premise to Eli Stone – a young lady working at a Niagra Falls gift shop gets insistent hallucinations (of cryptic talking animals) compelling her to help people. One of the creators of the show was Bryan Fuller (who went on to create Pushing Daisies). It doesn’t have the same fairy tale atmosphere, but there’s a similar quirkiness.

I Netflixed Wonderfalls solely because people here mentioned it, and it was worth it.

I thought it kind of forced in the first episode. Don’t know that I like Weaver as god or whatever she’s supposed to be. I’m also definitely not a Katie Holmes fan. I like Eli’s love interest from last year, so hope that something eventually comes of that.

Will have to see where this all goes to decide if I’ll keep watching.

Too bad it was canceled. Hopefully we’ll get the whole 13 episodes that were already ordered for this season.

The latest episode started out fine. I thought they ham-fisted Patti’s daughter into it.

I like the actors and characters, but the writing sometimes disappoints. It’s got a lot of potential, but I do roll my eyes here and there. I cringe at what the week’s law battle is going to be about.

The latest one wasn’t quite so bad. Medical Marijuana. The subject needs to be brought to people’s attention.

I just wish the writers didn’t partake so much. :smiley: