Embedded reporter in Bambi Hassenpfeffer's Altima

Hi, kids! I’m posting via an iBook talking through a dlink USB module to a Nokia 6600 with T-Mobile T-Zones as an Internet gateway… Bambi, SecondStarToTheRight, and I are about to cross the border into Georgia en route to NYC.
16 hours to go!

Oh for the love of God man! Are you going to draw your exact location in dirt with a stick next? You’re only letting the terrorists win, you know.

Have a good trip and be safe.

My first thought was, damn - they sure take evacuation notices seriously… driving all the way to Georgia. Then I remembered you guys have a planned vacation.

Just wanted to make sure you are both aware of what’s going on at home. At this time, the weather people are saying the hurricane will hit land around 6pm Friday.