Employment advice!

I realize this theme’s been done before. (Sorry, Czarcasm and TVeblen I did a search (set to “All Dates”) and found a few dating back to mid-1999. But since the membership of this board has increased seemingly exponentially, I thought it might be a good idea to get new opinions (and, of course, you oldtimers can chime in as much as you want!).

Since I am in the market for a new job, I would like to get your opinions on:

  1. Favorite job-listing sites to visit (and what you specifically liked about them).

  2. Favorite company sites that have job listings, since many companies will simply list their openings on their own sites, rather than send an ad to a job site.

  3. Favorite practices or resources you use to get that nice, cool job. Sometimes it’s as simple as sending in your resume (or CV) and a cover letter, but other times it’s wise to go a little further to get the job.

  4. Areas of the U.S. (or out of it, really) that you feel are the best places to find work. I know I could look up unemployment stats, but to me anecdotal information can sometimes be more helpful than raw numbers.

I believe that anyone here who is unemployed or who simply wants a new job would benefit tremendously from people who have been down the road before, who are in the job-placement industry themselves, or who simply know their own area of work well enough to let others know about possible opportunities in their field.

Now, in short, my own situation:

I’m 30 and single. I am a copy editor by trade. I have lived in the metro Washington DC area for about five months. I have a well-paying job as it is, but I’m not happy. (I know, I know, I should count my blessings.) I am capable of performing my duties, but I do not enjoy the content I am editing (it’s very technical work). In short, I’m miserable most of the time.

My ideal job would:

o Be full-time with a salary over $40K;

o Be located in a warm climate;

o Be located not terribly far from suitable living quarters; i.e., my commute shouldn’t be more than, say, 30 minutes (it’s an hour now).

o Provide an upbeat, laid-back (but not sound asleep), friendly atmosphere. My current position makes me feel very isolated, almost as if I were working at home - which I wouldn’t mind, actually. But I hardly ever have any real contact with people, and my feeling is that if that’s going to be the situation, I’d rather telecommute. Also, as I mentioned, the super-technical aspect of the content is very off-putting to me. The journals I work on are peer-reviewed scientific journals, and I never even had physics! This stuff makes my head hurt.

Possible areas to work (bearing in mind that I’m an editor) would include children’s books, entertainment (including reviewing movies), educational textbooks (but perhaps for the younger crowd, not peer-reviewed journals), and sports, specifically baseball.

Whew! Long post. I sincerely apologize. This is more verbose than it should be, I’m afraid. Anyway, just so you don’t think it’s all about little old me, I envision this thread as being helpful to job-seekers in providing resources to help them get started.


Well, this is some specific copyediting advice, but if you haven’t already, you should check out the job board at http://www.copyeditor.com. It’s a good source for copyediting jobs.

Thanks. That site, actually, is where I found my current job. The last time I visited it, it appeared to be gone! I thought it was one of the many .com casualties, but I just revisited it, and it simply has a newer look. Thanks again!

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I don’t work outside the home, but a number of my friends have mentioned
http://www.brassring.com/ which hosts job fairs.