Ender, you drunken SOB...

Thank you. You may or may not remember this :slight_smile: but last night when responding to a post of mine in a pit thread molsen started, you said this…

Well, oct. 15 was the last time we saw each other (and BTW, we’re engaged :)), and last night we we’re on the phone, pretty bad off, bemoaning our fate. I looked up and saw that sentence and it was like a ray of light in a darkened world. To see that someone else remembered us, even while he was in a vodka induced stupor :), was very heartwarming.

Thank you for remembering us, and if it was just the vodka talking, well, screw you! :smiley:

Oh and since I know people will ask… linky!

Ain’t he the bee’s knees?

Yup, and the cat’s pyjamas!

[sub]and a bump![/sub]

Yeah. His typing skillz while drunk are pretty impressive too. And I hope you two get to sse each other soon.

Thanks oldscratch, and I hope you mean me and my fiancé, not me and Ender! :smiley:

Oh Ennnnnnndeeeeerrrrrr!!! Hurry up, will ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

hey hey!!!

I’ve been up for awhile. I’m pretty sure I remember typing that. I remeber that I typed a lot of stuff last night, but I confined it to the pit. So how’s everyone? good? good.

Congrats relic. I wish you and your fiance the best.

Ender’s here!:cool: Now I can stop bumping the thread! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, sk8rixtx, he is the best…:smiley:

[sub]::Note to self… go easy on the smilies next time::[/sub]

I just had no clue that this thread even existed until about three minutes before my first post, which was an hour ago.

Amazing that I can say more intelligent thoughtful things to a person I don’t even know and can’t possibly score with while completely trashed than I can to any girl I know, and am trying to impress, while sober. There’s something really quite wrong with my universe.

Ender, there’s something completely wrong in everybodys universe.

Well, I hope you get to see your fiance soon. Thanks for the thread. Also, I’m quite glad I didn’t say anything I could have regretted later.
::scans the pit::

Oh crap…