EPL 2021-22 Omnibus Thread

West Ham 1-0 Tottenham

Another boring game from Tottenham. They were one of the best teams to watch until the last couple of years. Nuno is Mourinho without the trophies.

Manchester United vs Liverpool coming up.

Solskjaer is finished

I’d love for this to end 8 or 9 nil.

Ronaldo should have been sent off.

Liverpool took mercy on them. That’s as humiliating as the result. It could have been worse if Liverpool kept up the intensity.

Salah is the best player in the world right now. This season he is playing the way you expect from Messi.

Really interesting weekend. Fantastic for Chelsea (boo). This could be a terrific title fight but if anyone’s going to run away with it it will be Liverpool.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of Liverpool, Chelsea, or Man City win. Hopefully they’re all in it down the line.

Tottenham sack Nuno after just four months and looks like Conte is going to be appointed in a matter of hours. Should have just given Conte what he wanted in the summer. It would have saved Tottenham from such a bad start to the season and Nuno such a bad hit on his reputation.

The whole of football knew the club were trying to close the deal with several managers before turning to Nuno as the last resort. He was more or less undermined from the start.

Arsenal beginning to show some signs of life. Nice wins against fellow mid-table teams Villa and Leicester. A winnable game against Watford before the next big test - Liverpool. One of the youngest starting XI in the EPL - maybe they can get some momentum and challenge for top-6.

Ramsdale looking like a canny signing, not the waste of money for a backup goalie many Arsenal fans initally thought.

With West Ham’s good start and three of the big six struggling, the race for the last European berths are pleasingly muddled. Only three points separates sixth-place Man U from Southampton, currently sitting 13th.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been fired. Looks like Man Utd will try and get by with a stop-gap manager in Michael Carrick until the end of the season. The list of candidates being speculated are all at other clubs with the exception Zidane who reportedly is not interested in taking over.

How about Paulo Fonseca? Conte? Andre Villas-Boas?

Wonder how long the Wolves and Hammers will remain pests near the top - would be cool to see West Ham finish with a European spot.

Hope Leeds can kick around a bit longer than last time they were in the Prem.

Conte just moved to Tottenham. He was available and the Man Utd board decided not to offer him the job even when they lost 5-0 at home to Liverpool. His style probably didn’t fit the boxes they want. Fonseca is a decent possibility but as a longshot candidate. His name isn’t appearing on most reporting so far. Villas-Boas has fallen off the radar a lot since leaving Tottenham several years ago. No other mid-ranked PL club have appointed him so no chance he gets a big club job. Plus I recall him doing an interview saying he doesn’t enjoy football so much to want to have a long career as a manager. Motorsports is his passion.

Am I hearing buzz about Pochittino, who’s not happy in Paris, possibly becoming Man U coach (a team he’s apparently always coveted)?

Fuck NBC. All the games tomorrow are on Peacock Premium. Way to kill interest in the game.