EQII - Shadowknight or Ranger? Help me decide.

My ranger – Principessa Dellaforesta – is level 27. She’s a great damage-per-second (DPS) character, has a speed spell, uses poison, wields two weapons, has a hawk (for looks only) and is a level 19 scholar (can make spells). She’s also short and cute.

She doesn’t solo well at all and is a good guy… on the Antonica/Qeynos side of the world. There is much more tradeskilling going on in Qeynos, so it’s easier to upgrade weapons, armor, and jewelry.

My shadowknight – Fuchsia Absolution – is level 24. She does great damage and can solo like a beeyotch. She has a horsie named Dark & Lovely who runs 10% faster than her (but not as fast as Principessa with her Pathfinding spell). She hasn’t tradeskilled much at all; hasn’t even gotten to the first level of specialization yet. She’s very cool looking; dark fuchsia skin, black hair in a big pinwheel with a jewel that matches her skin in it.

She’s a bad guy. There’s less lag on the Commonlands/Freeport side of the world and some interesting quests, along with funnier dialog from the non-player characters… Tradeskilling is slim to none, so it’s very difficult to upgrade weapons, armor, and jewelry.

Hmmm… Maybe the answer is to defect to the good guy side of the zone with Fuchsia.


What’s the problem? play them both. If you want to hang out around Qeynos, do so.

Oh yeah… I forgot to tell you why I need to choose. El Hubbo has a level 31 guardian (warrior); our joint goal is to choose one character each upon which to focus. And get them as high up in levels as we can.

So I gots ta choose.

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Cajun Man
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Ranger then. If you have a warrior to group with Ranger is a better bet than Shadowknight voer the long haul.

Thanks, Man Who Beez Cajun.

I work on the ranger, but only because I play “Good” characters better than “Evil”.

Interesting note: a good friend was on the EQ2 hunt the minute it came out. He, along with nearly all his guildmates, was hanging out in Freeport. Within two weeks there were massive defections over to Qeynos; Freeport was nearly abandoned.