Er 9/28

The aftermath of the carnage and kidnapping continue tonight. Oh, and Sally Field shows up to comfort Abby, while Neela gets plastered.

It’s going to be an “exceptional” episode, or something like that. Which, of course, is miles above your average “very special” episode. :dubious:

I still can’t decide whether I’ll watch or just read about it here tomorrow. Thing is, if I don’t watch, what will I have to complain about in the morning?

I love how they keep having to come up with new qualifiers, having used up most of them in the 15.7 years it’s been on.

I was hoping Ray and Neela would “work it out”, as it were, but it looks like John Stamos is back in the picture. “The Return of John Stamos” is trumpeted as if he was a long-loved and valuable character returning; what was he on, like two episodes before?

Despite my urgh about the show, I’m sure I will still find myself tuning in. I still find Luka strangely…compelling.

Sam’s back! And what happened to Weaver, did they fire her because of Clemente?

What I want to know is, what happened to Weaver’s crutch? She was charging down a corridor today, walking perfectly normally, and no crutch in sight. Did I miss a miracle cure or something? :confused:

I think she had a hip replacement sometime last season.

Ah…I must have missed that. Thanks!

I think not. It was my impression, particularly from the scene at the party with Morris asking if he could call her Kerry since they were colleagues now, that she is an ER attending again. Moreover, since it was Kovac who hired Morris, it appears that he is now her boss.

The episode was … well, not good, exactly, but better than last week.*But in no small part it felt like a massive reset button, as if someone looked at the season finale & premiere and said, “Oh my god, what the hell were we doing? We’ve got to stop torturing the characters!”

Also, I have to say that if I’m ever guilty of a crime

I definitely want Armand Assante’s lawyer to represent. I loved his, “Yeah, we all know she’s a murderer, but the guy she murdered was a scumbag, so who cares? Also I have pictures of your boss in bed with a goat” defense. Matlock had nothing on this guy. Was it just me, or did he seem to be playing the entire thing for laughs?

I was also amazed at the relative lack of tragedy in the episode. It was shocking.
fix spoiler --g

*Of course to be worse than last week they’d have had to have Laura Ingalls revealed as a dog-fucker or something.

Being nearsighted and not wearing my glasses I missed the number of weeks that were supposed to have passed. I thought it said two but that doesn’t seem to jibe with the baby scenario.

Assante always acts like that. I think he had a stroke or something.
Who’s Clemente, again?

I saw “one week later” twice, and then “two weeks later”. I think.

Nice tease at the end, with everyone asking Luka how he and Abby were holding up, and then the shot of the empty crib.

Yay! for Mama Lockhart’s meds. Corny speeches aside, she did good. (I was worried that she was going to turn that alarm off, the second time it beeped.)

Except that now that she and Abby are reconciled, she’ll probably die.

I don’t understand why Abby didn’t accept Luka’s proposal. She’s okay with the commitment to raise a child with him, but no marriage? After seeing what Kerry and her partner went through a couple seasons ago, seems like that’d be a good idea.

Umm, it’s a completely different situation. Abby and Luka are the biological parents. In Kerry’s case her partner was artificially inseminated and died before Kerry could finish adopting the baby. Abby and Luka have the same rights over their kid regardless of their maritial status.

I fully expected to hear the sounds of tires screeching and a “thud” two seconds after that heartfelt good-bye.

This was the first episode I’ve enjoyed in years, I gotta admit.

Every scene I think someone might buy it. When Sam was outside talking to Armand Assante I expected a helicopter to fall on him (it would miss her because The Powers That Be enjoy inflicting her on us and I thought Neela was going to stumble into traffic when she was leaving the bar.
I have to say I finally felt a little like for Carrie for finally stepping up and taking the blame for something.

Of course. Where’s my head? I’ve been having a lot of brain farts lately and they all involve TV shows.

I fell for that one…and felt manipulated! but then happy happy to see Abby holding Joe.

Oh gosh, same here!

I loved the Neela sandwich with Ray and Tony bread. It reminded me of Meredith and Finn and McDreamy, only Neela knew enough to walk away. Who was going at it in the preview? John Stamos and some blonde? (Sam?)

Okay, so I watched, and I actually don’t even regret it. Much better than last week’s episode and … well, pretty much all of last season.

The only thing that made me go :dubious: was the timeline and how quickly the baby was sent home. Would a premature baby who’d just had major surgery been sent home just a couple of weeks after the operation? At least we won’t be subjected to weeks of them sitting by an incubator. One week was enough.

Am I the only one who’s a little sad that Sam isn’t getting sent away for life? I, for one, never want to see her or her stupid kid ever again. I want them to go away somewhere with Carter’s girlfriend or wife or whatever she was and never come back. You just know she’s going to be pregnant in a couple of weeks.

I’d prefer it if she decided she could never work at County General again and left. I guess we’ll be seeing alot more of Kerry.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of Dr. Weaver, rather than her coming downstairs only once every few episodes to yell at someone. She’s one of the only ties to the old days that we have left and I hope they do start giving her more of a front-burner storyline.

What did Weaver admit to in the meeting that saved Kovach’s job and got her demoted? I missed a few episodes last season, and really, sometimes you just don’t understand all the manuevering that goes on. So what happened with Victor that was supposed to be Kovach’s fault?