Erections while cuddling/spooning

I’m 27/F.

I usually like it. Most of the time they’re already hard by the time I get there, so I get a kick out of feeling or seeing it happen. It’s the same reason I sometimes get grabby when they’re sleeping.

Maybe this is just me…

Ditto. To a lot of us, it’s a huge compliment. Even if nothing else happens.

Female, 38

It sounds to me like some of you who are taking it at as a compliment, may be reading too much into it. It may or may not be a compliment, and it may or may not mean he wants to have sex. I could be with a woman I found unattractive and secretly hated and didn’t want to have sex with, but if we’re in bed spooning in our undies I’m liable to get an erection. YMMV:)

Well, yeah, I’m in bed in my undies with my boss all the time, too. :smiley:

SSG Schwartz

I discussed this thread with my gf during a particularly appropriate moment this weekend. She pointed out that it seems so normal that spooning so often leads to forking.

I am so happy I’m not the only one.
And thank you, dope… For years I have been awkwardly contorting myself to prevent excessive amounts of contact… No longer!

P.S. Guys… Isn’t it the worst when you’re sporting some completely random wood, and your mom chooses that moment to decide she wants to hug you?

Yeah, right?

I used to sleep with my current SO before we were sexually active and I’m sure I’ve buried a few woodies into her back while I was sleeping (with clothes on) with her. We’d spoon and sleep dressed and I’d have my arm wrapped around her body while we slept.
I’ll ask her tonight if she ever noticed.
Fast forward to now…I almost always get one when we’re just simply close together. Or when I simply think about us being close together. We have sex “too much” (in her words, although she doesn’t use the term “too much” I can tell by the look on her face that that’s what she means, lol) the way it is so my brain relates being close to her to “OMG!!..Orgasm near!! and fun stuff about to happen!!”
So that’s my story…

Well, you know, there are probably some instances where even biology would be a lame excuse. ‘My grandma just died. Can you hold me? She was so sweet, I remember when she… What’s that pressing into my thigh?’ That sort of thing.

My wife is the outlier here, I suppose.

When we cuddle (rarely), if I get arroused I have to make sure she doesn’t know, or she gets pissed off.


Even now that I’m in my 30’s and way less erectuous than I was ten years ago I still get a hard-on in five seconds flat from simply massaging my wife’s shoulders.

Not long after my wife and I got married I got into BIG trouble because I got an erection while dancing with one of her friends. According to her I was supposed to think of her friends the same way I think of my sister, and as such it was creepy for me to get an erection.

How did your wife know? Did the friend notice and say something?

Are there no chairs in your universe that you have to stand in a corner together for an hour? My knees are unhappy just thinking of this!

Ha, mine too, now that I look back.

Long story short, our relationship’s a secret. At the time, the only place we could spend any private time together was in a dark, quiet corner of a semi-public place not made for conversation. But thanks to the euphoria of a budding romance, the hour we’d spend standing felt like 10 minutes at most.

My girlfriend and I refer to this as giving her a cockshaped bruise.

A couple of weeks ago, I LOOKED AT my husband’s package when he was in his underwear and he got hard. He told me that’s all it took.

We’re in our late 30s.

Friend didn’t notice, but boxers + tight jeans + young hormones = is that a banana in yer pocket or are ya just happy to see me?

I get hard from hand holding. I would expect any partner to be insulted if I didn’t.

See, that’s why I don’t like boxers.

I am 16 and I was spooning with my gf last week and I had a boner the entire time we are a little young so “taking care of it” wasn’t really an option. She didn’t seem to mind but i really didnt ask, although we did make out for a while so it must not have bugged her.