Erections while cuddling/spooning

I call sneak bragging.

She felt it.

As above, in general. Flattering, definitely, even if it’s just cuddling with a male friend.

HOWEVER - and this really shouldn’t need to be said - once the erection is there, it is really, REALLY rude to poke at her with it, regardless of your level of intimacy. It comes across as demanding, “Hey! Look what you did! This is your fault, now do something about it!”

Trust me, she knows about the boner - if she’s in the mood to do something about it, she will. If she isn’t, the polite thing to do is to ignore it until it goes away, or step away to take care of it on your own.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the wife up above who gets pissed off about them has a bad experience with someone who habitually made her feel as though HIS erection was HER problem.

I dunno. I think sometimes the nudging in the erection is an end in itself, so to speak: I’m pretty sure that my husband finds it a sort of low-key pleasure all in itself, and I certainly don’t take it as nagging me to have sex. But then again, the overall sexual dynamic in our relationship isn’t one where he does a lot of nagging, so context matters here.

I thought it was called sporking?

I may just have one now.

Well we don’t know without observing you. But, the act of observing will inevitably change the result. Hmmm, quite the pickle we’re in.

Ssshhh. Some of us would like to just assume it’s a compliment, okay?

What’s really funny is that guys think we always notice erections. I totally don’t, unless it’s, you know, really obvious. If a guy was fully dressed and snuggled up against me I might completely miss it if his clothes weren’t pretty loose.

Yeah same here. Unless he’s pressed against me or wearing really loose clothes (or naked or just in underwear) I won’t notice an erection.

If I don’t feel an erection poking around back there, I’m going to be offended. :o

Even if you’re cuddling a zombie?

I tend to be careful not to let it be obvious if it does happen, but maybe I shouldn’t given the general sentiment of this thread.

You drop sights on a zombie and this is all you got? Couldn’t have worked in a double entendre like “stiff” or something? Kids today… :smiley:

30 year old male here. Thinking of little girls can also help.

While, in a sense, erections are involuntary, if you are getting them in inappropriate situations, it may be appropriate to consider your relationship and whether or not you should be cuddling. There’s no easy answer - you have to consider all the facts.

Now you understand why baggy pants were (are?) so popular.

Actually, this is part of why I don’t find cuddling after sex appealing (the other part is it’s just uncomfortable to me): I’ll eventually get a boner and want sex again. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But I need to sleep eventually.

For me it’s the boxers that are the problem. If you have supportive underwear, your boner will be held up against your stomach and won’t be nearly as noticeable as if it was allowed to push out forcibly against your jeans. Baggy makes things worse in my experience.

I usually had embarrassing erections when I would go out on a date and the girl sat close to me in the car or at a movie. After getting to know the girl well, the erections would not occur quite as spontaneously unless we were kissing and cuddling. Also, every time I went out with a girl wearing short shorts, my erections would be so strong they became very uncomfortable, even if I knew the girl well. The last two girls (both virgins) I dated before I met my wife noticed the erections, much to my embarrassment. The first one asked me if I would like an HJ while we were kissing. Of course, I said “yes.” The second one told me “that looks uncomfortable,” and asked if I needed "to take care of ‘the problem’ " myself while we cuddled. Apparently, her previous boyfriend had the same problem and took care of it the same way. She saw nothing wrong with it. Those were wonderful fun times!

FTR, when I said pants, I meant the US usage for the outer garments, not underwear. I agree that more supportive underwear is a good idea, and may be why I never encountered this problem.

If your zombie erection lasts for more than 11 years, consult your physician.

Zombies gets stiffffffieeees.

(And are turned on by brainsss? I don’t know…)

Male, 43.

Spooning with a girl is a good way to generate an erection. My groin lines up pretty good with her butt, and wrapping my arm around her usually ends up with my hands near her breasts. That’s a pretty solid combination right there.