Ergh.. So Many New Posts

How do you cope with the high traffic of this board? Gah… I’ve been posting on various message boards for about two years now but stick mostly to “smaller” sites… my favorite one having only 500 members and a daily average post count of about 150 or 200 so adapting myself to the vastly larger SDMB has given me a bit of a headache over the past month.

I don’t try to read each and every thread since that’s the road to insanity… instead I skim with the “Show New Posts” feature… but even skimming, it’ll usually take me an hour to read the titles of the newer threads and by the time I’ve read and responded to the topics that looked interesting, I’ll have another five pages to look over again! Yeesh.

That’s not even factoring the social aspect into the equation. Since I have so much to read, I usually don’t even pay attention to who wrote what… at the smaller boards I read, it’s more leisurely and so I get to know who I’m posting with… here, after a month, I’m still at a loss as to who’s who and know maybe a handful of posters’ personalities while others seem to know everybody. Ack.

How do you do it?


I usually read on my laptop while I am commuting to work. Makes the drive go by a lot quicker. Saves time, too!

BTW, my roommate is from Cleveland.

That’s interesting. This is a rather small town and I’ve never ran into anyone online from here by pure chance… this is a first. :slight_smile: I assume s/he got out though… good thinking. I wish I could follow.

By the way, how do you read while commuting? Subway? I got a mental picture of you trying to drive with a laptop in your lap. What? I wouldn’t put it past some people.

I was being stupid. :slight_smile:

Mmm… my foot’s tasty.