Error message when installing software.

I keep getting the same error message when trying to install Morpheus on my home computer.

“Cannot register proto.dll. You must have administrator privileges to install Morpheus.”

I had this installed before with no problems, I’m just updating.

Simply speaking, the software wants to put proto.dll where the application will be able to use it later and Windows, cautious soul that it is, won’t let it unless you log in as Administrator and give all of the programs you run the ability to completely screw up your computer. Unfortunately, that’s the only way a good deal of Windows software will run, let alone install. Blame a decade or more of DOS plus Windows 95-98, which had no such safeguards.

Not to turn this into a debate, but you really should have to be administrator to install software on a system. If all you have is user privelges, the you should just be able to use the software.

To be totally frank, I think that windows is doing a good job protecting you, as every search for protocol.dll I do brings up pages about spyware, or icq. I would find a better p2p client, if I were you.

The legality of Morpheus and other P2P software such as Kazaa and Limewire tends to make the mods around here a bit nervous. One of my first posts in these forums concerned P2P software and I was spanked accordingly. Should we expect the same?

If the account you log in on is setup as a standard user you do not have the system rights to install any program. To install any program in this situation you need to do the following

If you know the password for the Administrator account you can hold down shift and right click on the installer. From the menu that pops up pick Run As.

You can then choose the administrator account and enter the administrator password.

Having said that I would suggest staying away from asking questions here abot Morpheus and other P2P applications that can lead to software piracy. While they are not illegal to use in the US (currently) using them in a manner that will violate intellectual property is frowned on here and asking how can get a thread closed.

I respectfully disagree. Linux and many other OSes have shown that it’s entirely possible to let users install software without breaking the OS’s security model. This can even be a good idea on multi-user machines: Dad and Son share a PC, Son should be able to learn his lesson about crapware without ruining things for Dad as well.

As for P2P: It’s perfectly legal in the US and there are many legal uses for it. If you assume all uses of it are illegal, that’s your own problem and has no place in this thread or this forum.